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Best Time to Visit Costa Rica

Located in the heart of Central America, Costa Rica is beautifully border lined by both Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Having a total area of 19,730 square meters; the country is approximately similar in size to West Virginia. The vast hub of some of the rarest plant and animal species of the world; Costa Rica have more than 500,000 plant and animal species- from micro insects to the giant anteaters; which henceforth makes the country one of World’s most biologically diverse countries.

To add more to it, it has been claimed that almost 4 percent of total earth’s species resides in this heavenly abode. The country protects one quarter of its wild land with the help of law. The country undoubtedly makes its mark as an ideal destination for one and all. This ‘rich coast’ stands apart from its neighbors on numerous trends including sustainable tourism, surfing, farm-to-table restaurants and much more. Also, the infrastructure of the country is developed by keeping an equilibrium with the green energy like wind energy and hydro energy.

So, the country is a perfect blend of ecology and history residing together in a peaceful and family oriented culture where one can easily center oneself on a yoga mat or surfboard, the descending bat-filled caves or the misty volcanic peaks, biking or biking; the only limit a tourist has in this country is the return date!

The main source of the country’s income is tourism. To add more of a wow factor to its beauty and serenity is the fact that ever since the country attained democracy; that was back in 1949; there is no army in the country since then.

With just a marginal existence on the globe i.e. 0.03 percent of the surface, the country proudly shelters 4 percent of the biodiversity in the entire world. Of the total land, 26 percent is composed of the conservation and naturally protected territory.

Apart from tourism the country is also a great center for investments and thus offers amazing potential for the establishment of many multinational companies; all credit to the outstanding academic level of the natives and also, the political stability of the country and higher standards of modern services.


The country is majorly centered to rugged highlands ranging from 1,000 to 2,000 meters. The Central Mountain Range, The Guanacaste Mountain Range, and The Talamanca Mountain Range are the centric ranges extending throughout the country. Apart from mountains, the country also has several active volcanoes. The coastline borders both the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean; also there are numerous streams and rivers which are a tourist hub attracting rafters from all over the world.

Being a tropical destination; the country’s look and landscape go a continuous change throughout the year and hence the country is always in a constant state of renewal. So, every time is the right time to visit this lush green country. One should tailor their trip based on their interests to have a fuller experience which will be satisfied beyond one’s imagination.

With a tremendous diverse landscape, the land is fledged will lush green vegetation amalgamated with stunning flora. The jungles, beaches, and wide climate zones and a wider array of terrain all come together to shape up this beautiful country the way we all see it today; also it all further leads to making the country the best playground for all the adventures ranging from wildlife viewing to rafting to hiking or maybe just relaxing next to the beaches and soothing the soul.

This country has something or the other interesting and exciting discovery to uncover no matter what the season is. So, every time is the right time to visit this country to go the beaten path and receive endless rewards.

The Wildlife

Whatever one has seen or read on animal planet, Costa Rica is the place to come close to almost all of those species. The beautiful scarlet macaws can be easily sighted making their flight. And, one cannot miss out the sight of keel-billed toucans, the mangrove swamp, the white-faced Capuchin and the howler monkey making his haunting calls. The blue morpho butterflies amid the orchid-festooned trees are certainly a treat to the eyes. And to dive into the colorful tropical fish, rays, sharks, dolphins, and whales all come together to become a reality to any conservationist’s dream.

Outdoor Adventures

Costa Rica offers a dizzying suite of thrilling outdoor adventures in every possible shape and size. The sun-dazed afternoon at the beach, the squeal-inducing rush of the canopy zipline; the country offers adventures for all. The hikes and the brisk high altitude trail of the country along with the rushing white-water rapids and the warm water all come together to offer the best to the traveler. The vast and diversified national parks let the visitor enter into a world with a perfect blend of both rainforest and cloud forest. The volcanoes add more to the vistas. So, the country is the most splendid platform for every individual to experience nature at its best and to replenish the soul.

One should note that the busiest times in the country are during Christmas and New Year’s and also on the week leading up to the Easter Sunday; also known as semana santa. So, if one wants to enjoy nature to its core and to have a true bliss it is advisable to avoid going during these times.


Being a tropical lush destination, the country undergoes a constant shift in landscapes throughout the year, and hence there’s a constant state of renewal. So, no matter how many times one visits this place, the country always have something new to offer. And, every time is the perfect time to visit this place and get amused at its richness and the huge variety is has to offer. Hence, one should tailor his trip based on the interests and thus have an experience like never before.

No matter what season one goes in, there is always exciting to unfold and to get awestruck at. The country definitely is something of the beaten path where the traveler gets endless rewards throughout the journey.

Seasons in Costa Rica

There are two major seasons in Costa Rica which are the dry ‘summer’ (verano) which stretches from January to April and the rainy ‘winter’ (invierno) which is from May till December. These two seasons further corresponds to the tourism high season and low season. Peak season is often used to describe the time period between the two weeks from just before Christmas which prolongs until after the New Year. It is during the peak season only when special higher prices are in effect because of the holidays.

The terms dry and rainy are aptly used to describe the beach destinations of Guanacaste and Nicoya which are in the northwest corner of the country. The remaining pacific side and most of the central mountains follow a much similar pattern but with more precipitation than in general.

The east half i.e. the Caribbean half of the country doesn’t have much strong seasonal variation and the area tends to remain rainier throughout the year. To the contrary, during the month of September and October, when the rest of the country is experiencing heaviest rain of the year, the Caribbean beaches are dry, warm and sunny.

The seasons experienced in the country are reverse to the U.S. and Canada as during December till April when the north is blanketed in snow, Costa Rica enjoys perfect and pleasant summer. The rainy/wet winter months are often coined as “green season” in order to attract more tourists.

The Dry/High Season: December through April

Yes, definitely the dry season. Even February when the peripheries are all blanketed in snow, this place surely looks like summer. The most attracting highlight of the high season is the amazing weather. Throughout the season the country experiences lesser rain and surprisingly in areas like Guanacaste and Nicoya, it’s downright arid. Adding more to the season, wildlife is easier to spot as the entire wildlife concentrates towards the shrinking water sources and also, the deciduous trees shed off their leaves hence thinning the camouflage and make the sight of the wildlife more prominent.

The other reason why summer is the ideal time for the Northern and European travelers is that the country provides them an escape from the snow, cold and dark at home. The extra hours of sunshine and the warm beaches have an extra appeal when one is knee deep in slush. Also, the arctic storm drive ocean swells southward and thus the surf is bigger and much more reliable in the season.

The only disadvantage of the season is that the season is tourist high season which means it becomes harder for the tourist to get reservations and the place is relatively crowded which makes the prices spur up instantly. Starting from Christmas till the end of first week in January and the Easter week, the jeopardy of every traveler is doubled. As the place is too full fledged with a lot of international travelers and the beaches are over flooded with tourist. So, if you want to enjoy the place to its core; it is advisable to avoid going during these times.

But, for those who enjoys crowds to the most, this period serves as the ideal one to them. Because of the extensive crowd every place and everything is running till extended hours. The bars and nightclubs are more lively and energetic as there is an amazing audience for live music and other amazing performances, which certainly doubles up the charisma of the place.

The Rainy/Low/Green season- may through November

The winters; also coined as the low season has been dubbed as the “Green Season” by the country’s tourism industry as it definitely makes a better first impression of the season than being referred to as “rainy”. The travelers are much aware that this time doesn’t need any add ons to make it appealing as during this season the prices are already halved, the crowd is very thin and the rain forested slopes of the mountains starts getting drenched. And the perfect sunny days around the beach aren’t at all unusual now.

Best Time to Go

Undoubtedly, the high season for tourism at Costa Rica runs from late November to late April, which perfectly coincides with the extreme chill of United States, Canada and Europe.
Also called the dry season, this time is the best to enjoy the unadulterated bliss of nature to its extreme. The tropical beaches are prettiest and undoubtedly a visual treat to the eyes and the soul. The lesser amount of rains adds up to making this season as the perfect time to visit the place. Tourism is at its maximum tilt during December and first week of January and the prices are a little high. So, with proper pre planning including the reservations of the places, this is the ideal time to enjoy the major attractions to its fullest.This is the time when everything is green form the rains of the bygone season along with clearer blue skies.

The local tourism operators often call the green season as an apt euphemism. As, it is during this time frame when even the arid brown and barren Guanacaste is all flourished and is richly lush and verdant. To experience the flourishing of nature, the replenishing of the flora and fauna; the green season is the ideal. And to add more to it, the prices during this time are negotiable and already reduced with easy access to all the places without much of crowd; also the rain is limited to just a few hours in the daytime.

The only drawback of the season is the rugged roads with muddy slippery blotches which makes it a little difficult and impassable without the help of a four- wheel- drive. Also, because of the rains many lodges shut down during the season and it also seems a little dark sometimes. The nights are a little prolonged with the sun setting at around 6:00 pm year round.

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