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Things to do in Nicaragua

One of the largest countries in Central America; Nicaragua has a diverse landscape and it covers almost 129,494 square kilometers with extensive range of climate, topography and regions. With a majority of area which is still undeveloped, this country offers a tremendous variety for the traveler to enjoy. The wide array of experience which ne can indulge in starting from hiking through the rain forests and jungles, to the discovery of deserted beaches, to diving in the untouched reefs, climbing on the active volcanoes, to surfing onto the perfect beach. This place certainly has a lot to offer to every individual. Just, take the time off your schedule and explore the unexplored natural majesty.

The country is also termed as “the land of Lakes and volcanoes” is majorly divided into three regions- the north central mountains, the pacific coast and the Atlantic coast.

The Northern Mountains- A Natural Wonder

The cloud covered forest is the hub of opportunities for eco tourism and varied jungle adventures. Residing at a level of almost 300 ft above the sea level; the forest is home to cedar, mahogany and pines, which are further covered with beautiful orchids and moss thus making the place ideal for hiking, bird watching and also horseback riding. This naturally rich area has some of the breathtaking scenic trails and also mountain lodges which makes one fall in love with nature again.

Some of the major places in the northern mountains are Chinandega; which is the regional capital. It also caters as the base point for numerous scenic expeditions. This agriculture center land offers many fascinating volcanoes, beaches and scenic beauties to the traveler. The common folks here boast of their talents in pottery, leather and stone craftsmanship. The place also has some of the finest local cigar factories. The city also rests on history of legends and lore.

The region has breathtaking surroundings of the place with majestic mountains and waterfalls; this place is a central hub of majestic flora and fauna.

The north region is comparatively poorer than the rest and it undergoes major drought, poor soils and acute deforestation as well. The place has an extensive variety of almost 150 species of birds, numerous orchids and many medicinal plants, henceforth making this place ideal for howler monkeys and other exotic animals.

Central Pacific region – A Colonial Treasure

This region boasts of an amazing wealth of diverse beauty ranging from the country’s tallest volcanoes to the treasured archaeological ruins, to the crafts and folklore of some of the most authentic colonial cities. The regions are easily accessible and can be reached out easily form the nation’s capital city. The region also produces most of the country’s cheese and milk, as cattle rearing is an age old profession of the city.

The area has not yet lost its Wild West vibe yet. Burly hikes, horseback treks and petro glyphs are still prominent in the region. The region is sparsely populated than the pacific region; the residents of the region can be easily outnumbered by their cattle. This region is off the beaten path, so even one may not find tourists even for miles in most of the towns. The mountains of the region are still unexplored and the continuous discoveries till date of the chontal statues implies to the grandeur of the mysteries this area retains till date.

Atlantic Coast – A Region Untouched

This region is definitely Nirvana for nature lovers. This area consists of the major demographical area of the country and in the least populated region which definitely makes this place one of its kind. The region dominates almost 46 percent of the country’s land and has stretch-out beaches for more than 205 miles. This place is totally different from the rest two regions be it in terms of culture, societal or linguistic. The primary mode of transportation here is via rivers. The city also has world class fishing, scuba diving and eco tourism, which are on a constant spur, making this region outshine the rest.

The bluefields is one of the most beautiful Atlantic coasts. The wide rivers with small jungle canals add to the beauty of the place. The plentiful availability of seafood along with dancing and reggae bars adds more to the place. The exotic combination of white sand, coral reefs, mangroves, coconut palms, jungles and rainforest makes this place one of its kind. This forgotten tropical bliss offers great diving, snorkeling and sun bathing to the travelers.

Top things to See and Do in Nicaragu

The place has faced the trauma of some of the highly destructive earthquakes and the prolonged years of political and civil unrest has caused a poor fate to this beautiful and diversely rich country. After many years of slumber, the country is reshaping its future again. With lots of expats showing keen inters tom moving in and buying properties there, this beautiful and wonderful country is getting better now. So, here are a few things one can see and do to have the best in Nicaragua:

Admire Colonial Granada

The place known for some of the best preserved colonial architectures, this place is very popular among the travelers. The place has also undergone some of the recent investments in tourism. The magnificent buildings at Plaza de Independencia, hikes a nearby volcano. One should not forget to try out the delicacies at Kathy’s Waffles, Garden Café and also the Vigoren stalls in the park.

Relax in San Juan del Sun

This place has been a massive hit among the surfers and the backpackers. The beaches here are located in perfect settings and enclosed by prehistoric volcanic hills. Here, one can easily find a lot of options for cheap bars and hostels which makes it a massive hit among the youngsters. The place also offers as a ground for constant party. With easy and affordable stay options, this place undoubtedly makes it to the list of must visit places.

Go Fishing

Since the area has tremendous amount of beaches to it, both the Caribbean and the pacific border shores are pretty popular in fishing. Even off the coast one can easily find myriad of fish- some of them even goes up to about 200 lbs.

Go Surfing

Because of the year round waves and warm water at the area, the places serve as an ideal destination for surfing. The presence of many surf schools in the region offers tuitions and equipment hire to those who need. At a mere payment of 10 USD per day for board and $25 USD per hour for lessons one can easily enjoy surfing around the towns of Rivas and San Juan del Sur.

Kayak around Las isletas

Las Isletas is a chain of small and beautiful islands located on a lake near Granada. The place provides one with the opportunity to experience some if nature in a pretty calm and relaxed setting. Generally, a two hour trip round the place generally costs $33 USD.

Visit ‘old’ Leon

Dating back to the 16th century, the ruins of Leon Viejo is a short trip from Leon. This place is a must have for all those to gets excited with history. This World Heritage Site has been listed by UNESCO and is one of the oldest Spanish colonial settlements in America. This is the only place in the entire country to see and learn about the country’s founding colonial past. The amusing murals and graffiti around the city talk about the chivalric pas of the political war between the Sandinistas ans the Somozas. Also, the Museum of the Revolution is a must visit place to bring the history back to life.

Attend the San Sebestian Festival

In honor of San Sebastian; the city’s patron saint, every year near the end of January, the people in Diriamba hosts a huge celebration. The festivities runs from 17th to the 27th of January, includes colorful parades and a huge feast along with a plethora of traditional music.

Surf down a Volcano

A young and active volcano of the country- Cerro Nergo, offers the tourists an amazing chance to board down the graveled slopes through an organized tour. One gets the wonderful opportunity to hike up to the top, which almost takes an hour. This half day affair costs about 30 USD, and one needs to be prepared for a climb uphill and get dirty.

Explore the Masaya Markets

The city of Masaya is known for the two craft markets known as the Mercado Municipal and the Mercado de Artesanias. Every Thursday night the market features the “Night of Revelry” which includes dancing, music and local food.

Enjoy the Corn Islands

Onto the Caribbean coast, the corn island is undoubtedly a vacation retreat. The major centre of attraction of the place is scuba diving, snorkel, to fish and to relax. There is a provision of smaller boats which takes one between the different islands. Certainly the best chill out spot in the country, the place is less crowded yet pretty popular.

Hike up a Volcano

Hiking up a volcano is a major activity of the country. The challenging hike up the volcanoes is worth the amount and one in a lifetime experience. The victorious trek up the volcano is makes it one of its kinds. Some of the most popular volcanoes are Cerro Negro (volcano boarding), Telica (famous for sunset hikes), San Cristobal (the longest and hardest) and Momotombo(second hardest).

Explore Managua

The capital city and the hub of many beautiful buildings and museums; this city owns the dilapidated ruin of once a wonderful cathedral which was destroyed in Earthquake. The city also houses many art galleries and museums. So, if history excites you then this place is a must visit to relive history.

Hiking at Miraflores

This beautiful place located in Esteli in the Northern region; this national park is a must visit for the travelers. The wanderlust; this place is full of beautiful cloud forest, surrounded by small farms and over rivers and waterfalls. One might barely encounter any other tourist. It’s like being the owner of the entire jungle. One can go on a one day long or multi day treks based on personal preferences to the park; this place never fails to amuse the travelers.

The multi day trip to the place let’s one stay with the local host families and thus come closer to the natives. Certain programs have been initiated to let one learn or teach farming. One day trek costs almost $15 USD and it starts from 7 am till 4pm in the evening. To add to a noble cause; all the money collected from the tours goes directly to the communities who are a part of the entire trek stretch.

A visit to Ometepe Island

This extra ordinary island is formed by the joining of two volcanoes. The major activities around the island include hiking the volcano, cycling and kayaking. With cheap food and accommodation this place is worth trying out for a few days to unwind the zest in you. The walks up the volcanoes are quite stretcheous and takes almost a day; but worth the walk.

Hang out at Lake Apoyo: Lying on the crater of the Apoyo volcano; this lake is a beautiful setting with crystal clear water ideal for swimming. One can even consider fishing, sailing or going on a hike. This place certainly is an ideal getaway for a couple of days to ease off and relax the mind and soul.

Apart from the above mentioned list there is a lot of Adventure Travel which one can try out being in the city. This place is ideal for those who are young at heart and are always up for an adventure. The few adventures one can try out are listed below:

  • Scuba and Snorkeling
  • Canopy Tours
  • Surfing
  • Sandboarding down the Cerro Negro
  • Sport Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Extreme Adventure (Mountain biking, skiing down the side of volcano)

The country which has re-built itself after facing the wrath of many hazards and natural disasters, this country is worth a visit. This place is easy on everyone’s pocket; So, all the adventure enthusiasts, pack up your bags and gear up for your next adventure to this amazing country.

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Things to do in San Juan

San Juan the largest city situated on the island’s Atlantic coast. San Juan is a capital of Puerto Rico. It has the widest beach fronts the Isla Verde resort strip, known for its bars, casinos, and nightclubs. Cobblestoned Old San Juan has colorful Spanish colonial buildings, El Morro and La Fortaleza: 16th-century landmarks, massive fortresses with wide ocean views and last but not the least is the Paseo de la Princesa bayside promenade.


San Juan was founded in 1521 by Spanish colonists, who called it Ciudad de Puerto Rico (means a Rich Port City). After Santo Domingo, it is the second oldest European-established capital city in the Americas Dominican Republic.

Planning to visit San Juan?

San Juan is a beautiful capital city with soft sand beaches, various cultural attractions. It is a terrific place for your vacations. Enjoy the life in beachfront luxurious hotels and resorts in San Juan and neighboring districts. Historic forts, royal architecture, excellent dining, museums, and much more, are just a walking distance away from downtown San Juan.

Best Time to visit San Juan

Mid of April to June is the best time to visit Puerto just after the winter season and just before the rainy summer. Spring season is also very pleasant to visit here.

Things to do in San Juan

Discover Old San Juan’s Architecture

While it’s tempting to hotfoot it to the various destinations in this unique city, you just feel amazed to see the Spanish-influenced architecture of Old San Juan, a historic micro-peninsula of firmly join grid streets just in between the Atlantic Ocean and San Juan Bay. In the surrounding of original Spanish city wall, cobbled stone streets with ballast from Spanish galleons, churches, boutiques, plazas, bars and much more things to see.

Iconic Headland Fort (El Morro)

Built for more than 200 years of a span to dissuade Puerto Rico’s seaborne invaders, El Morro a real crown of grand San Juan, located at the northwestern side of the Old San Juan peninsula. In the earlier 16th century, this was undertaken by both the military of Spain and America. This UNESCO World Heritage Site becomes a national monument in 1961. After some renovation was done recently lighthouse and the water battery give a royal view to the visitors.

Relax On White Sandy Beach (Ocean Park)

Enjoy the days at one of San Juan’s best beaches and see the beauty of the landscaping. Just grab a table of Pamela’s restaurant and enjoy the food with beautiful sunset view and also see the stroll of local residents at the seashore. In totality, it is relaxing day at the beach.

Local Vibe in Santurce At The Plaza Del Mercado

Take a walk around this pretty old-fashioned local market for an authentic breakfast of fried munchies and fresh juices. La Plaza del Mercado de Santurce opens not long after sunrise in a recently renovated market hall. Here local seller selling fresh bananas, plantain, etc. At night, you can enjoy salsa dancing with mojitos and local beers. You can also go for the bright cafe-lined square. All the local residents are gathered here and enjoy the dance party.

History Of Rum: Discover At Casa Bacardi

Casa Bacardi is the rum giant’s flagship factory and spiritual home since the Bacardi family left Cuba to Puerto Rico in 1936. You can travel by a short ferry and taxi ride from for Casa Bacardi. It offers three types of tours a historical tour, a rum tasting and a mixology session. The Bacardi Visitor Center features its ‘Cathedral of rum’ interior. It is basically designed to reflect Cuban villa houses with an interactive history that includes a film, audio guides and a chance to nose rum ingredients.

The Museum Of The Sea: Explore Maritime History

A real treasure hidden in the crisscrossing streets of Old San Juan, the old-fashioned Museo Del Mar displays a private collection of the maritime art object from all over the world like; Titanic memorabilia, various documents, models, coins, and finally the largest collection of life-saving rings in the world. The museum also documents San Juan’s own seafaring history, with a collection related to Christopher Columbus’ landing on Puerto Rico in 1493.

Enjoy Local Cuisine At Verde Mesa

Nightlife at Old San Juan’s offers you a variety of tastes, and Verde Mesa is one of the most famous restaurants in the city. It is a complete package of food, theatre, and stylish art surroundings at one place. Start the meal with an herbal mixed liquid. After that, a variety of combinations of seafood, fish, vegetarian delights which is fully organically produced are provided. All the food is served gracefully and garnished with flowers. Overall it is very enjoyable.

Museo De Las Américas: Explore The History Of Caribbean Art

Museo de las Américas, previously housed the former military barracks of Old San Juan. There is much to discover, starting from African and indigenous South American culture to present Puerto Rican appearance and characteristics. The national music scene is well represented. A large room is fully dedicated to local heroes and for unique instrumentation.

Enjoy Drinks at El Batey

El Batey is located just opposite to the grand El Convento hotel. It is one of San Juan’s longest-living bars which started about four decades ago. El Batey and its throwback jukebox give you a feeling of Old San Juan. Enjoy relaxing on a bar stool, just Rock up and enjoy the drinks. El Batey is absolutely a must!

Taste Coffee (Locally Developed) At Hacienda Pomarrosa

Hacienda Pomarrosa is situated at the highest mountain of Puerto Rico’s that is Cerro Punto. It is the place where coffee cultivation takes place. It has a coffee farm with peaceful and beautiful surroundings. Owner of these farms Kurt Leger and his son guide the visitors about the history of coffee. They also lead the walk around the lush green coffee farms. This visiting tour also includes various production floors to see the actual production of coffee.

San Juan Attractions

Old San Juan

It features almost 500 years old history of Old San Juan, with historic forts and Spanish royal architecture and various scenes. It is the second oldest city in the Americas. The seven-square-block area contains more than 400 royal buildings of 16th- and 17th-century. Presently many shops, restaurants, museums, hotels, and other public buildings are running here. The real masterpiece of Old San Juan is the Fuerte San Felipe del Morro, commonly known as El Morro. Other attractions are Castillo de San Cristóbal, Fortaleza, the San Juan Cathedral, and various museums.

Cemetery of San Juan

San Juan Cemetery is just adjacent to El Morro and high above the ocean. It is so beautiful. It is well-known for elaborate gravestones; statues; and a circular, red-domed prayer place dedicated to Mary Magdalene. The whole cemetery is a very peaceful place.

Cathedral of San Juan

The San Juan Cathedral begun in 1540 is one of the oldest cathedrals in the Americas. It is also one of the oldest buildings in San Juan. The interior is very old-style but it appears great. The body of the renowned Spanish explorer named Ponce de León has laid here in a marble tomb since 1913.

La Fortaleza

At present La Fortaleza is the current official residence of the Governor of Puerto Rico. It was built in between 1533 and 1540 to protect the haven of San Juan. The structure is known as Palacio de Santa Catalina. La Fortaleza is the oldest governor’s residence and still used in the Western Hemisphere. Almost 150 governors have lived or stayed here. The building is renovated many times and now it is the mixture of 16th century and 19th century.

Museum Of Puerto Rican Art

The Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico is one of the main attractions of San Juan, and it plays a prominent role to show the Caribbean culture. The building has now two portions the Older and the newer. The older portion of the building displays the museum’s permanent collection. The newer portion is basically a five-story structure containing a multi-story atrium, a theater, a sculpture garden, and also a popular restaurant. There is also a space for various workshops and exhibitions to be organized.

San Jose Church

Iglesia de San José was built in 1532 by Dominican friars. It was the earliest demonstration of Spanish Gothic architecture in America. This church is not very big in size but with a modest front elevation and domed interior. This gives this church an airy feel. More than 300 years back, the great Spanish explorer Ponce de León was buried here. Finally, his body was moved to the San Juan Cathedral in the year 1913. The 18th-century Puerto Rican artist, José Campeche, is also buried here.

Puerto Rico Art Museum

This museum was Founded in 1984, It shows the work of Puerto Rico’s finest artists of the modern day. Frequently changing exhibits the museum has a collection of modern paintings, island-made prints, posters, and sculptures. Located inside Sacred Heart University in the Barat building, the museum can be difficult to find. Because exhibits change very frequently, you should always be in contact with the museum or latest website before visit the same.

Plaza Las Americas

Plaza Las Americas is a modern indoor shopping plaza. It is the place to come and enjoy some shopping. When you are done seeing all the culture, enjoying the beaches, and are fed up with the heat of San Juan you might want to escape from all these. Plaza Las Americas is the right place for you. This is not the place to find traditional Puerto Rican Momento or ornaments. In fact, this is a large mall with various US chain stores, American restaurants, latest fashions, movie theaters, much more. It is supposed to be the best mall in Puerto Rico.

Places to Eat


Pikayo is a fine dining restaurant. The food is exquisite. It is famous for creative fusion dishes. It is a late night restaurant. Opening time of this restaurant is 6.30 PM.

Buns Burger

It is the perfect restaurant for the kids You can build customize burgers, hot dogs fries, onion rings, shakes and much more including contemporary dinner. It is a cozy restaurant. The opening time is 11 AM.

Casa Cortés

It is basically a coffee shop. Casual snacks are served. In every preparation there is chocolate in it, anyone can wonder how they use chocolate into meat dishes but it is just awesome. This is a favorite place for kids too. Opening time is 8 AM.

Cocina Abierta

It is famous for different styles of cocktails. If you are visiting Puerto Rico this place is a must visit. The ambiance is just amazing and the food is really excellent. Opening time is 8 AM in the morning.

1919 Restaurant

It is the best organic food restaurant. It has a beautiful ambiance, good service, and the best vegan meals. Opening time is 6 PM.


Overall, San Juan is very famous and beautiful tourist destination in Puerto Rico. Its central location is the best to start with. It is the busiest cruise port in the Caribbean. It really gives world-class attraction to cruisers and also a rich cultural experience. Actually, we can say that San Juan is a cultural center of Puerto Rico which celebrates numerous festivals and events annually. Local residents are always celebrating something in San Juan. Visitors are also welcome to join these celebrations and enjoy the vibrant culture. It is a true place for happiness. Whether it is a ground of El Morro or playing on beaches, whether you are dancing salsa or enjoying the food, everything you do is extremely lively in San Juan.

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Things to do in Lake Geneva

The beautiful Geneva Lake is a crescent moon shaped lake which is situated on the northern side of the Alp mountains and is shared by France and Switzerland. It is one of the largest lakes in Europe. The name Lac leman comes from ancient Greek word Limenis that means “port’s lake.”

Lake Geneva is basically divided into three parts

  1. Haut Lake – It is the upper lake and part from the Rhone Estuary.
  2. Petit Lac – This Lake is narrower and shallow part of the lake in the South-west, from Yvoire Promenthoux next penguins to the exit in Geneva.
  3. Grand Lac – or the large lake is the deepest basin and the largest width of the lake.

Lake Geneva is one of the largest water bodies in Switzerland; its northern shore runs around 95 kilometers and the southern shore around 72 kilometers which is around 45 miles in length.
The lake shores are absolutely beautiful and many sites near the lake can be visited. It is situated around 12,200 feet above the sea level.

There’s so much to do in Geneva Lake and the nearby places. Some of these known and lesser known places are listed here.

Planning to visit Geneva lake?

Geneva Lake and the adjoining places will absolutely blow your mind, there is just so much to do and so much to see, it is one of the most beautiful places you’ll come across in the whole of the Switzerland.

Best time to visit

You can visit Geneva city almost throughout the year, although summer is the most favorable time to be in Geneva.

June to August – This is the best time to visit Geneva Lake, although rain is common around this time most of the time it’s sunny. As many celebrations take place during this season it also becomes the most crowded months as the place is filled with tourists.

September to November – It is the beginning of winter at this time, but not very cold. The temperature ranges from 10 to 14 degree Celsius. This is the best time to travel if you’re on a budget as there is hardly any rush during this time of the year. Hence the hotel prices go down and are budget friendly.

December to April – The temperature goes below zero degrees. But people who are looking for some adventure sports like skiing can come in this time of the year as The Alps are Snowcovered. You need to book your hotel and plan well at least two to three months in advance.

May to June – This time is spring season in Geneva; the temperature can range from 15 to 20 degree Celsius.

How to reach Geneva Lake

Geneva is well connected through air, train, and bus.

Rail – The Swiss Federal railway station serves the Geneva train station and has trains to all the main cities like Bern, Zurich, and Basel approximately every half an hour.

Road – Geneva’s coach station is closed to the railway station and serves around 20 European countries.

Air – Geneva airport connects almost All European carriers as well as a few daily Trans – Atlantic flights. The local connections connect Geneva with Zurich, Bern, Lugano with many other European capitals. Also, international airlines are British Airways and Air France.

Places to visit and things to do

Here we have listed out all the things you can do in Geneva Lake and nearby place you must visit.

1. Geneva Lake

The beautiful, stunning and the picturesque beauty of this lake attract thousands of tourists to this place each year. You can have a lovely walk along with your friends and family and also have the cruise or boat ride to enjoy the breezy round. You see the beautiful and snowy Alps in the background and vineyards and villages that are alongside the lake, the beautiful mountains make the perfect backdrop. The water is very clear and wonderful for swimming during summer months and climbs on the massive obstacle.

The whole City, especially on a sunny day, comes together to the lake to enjoy the beautiful sunrise at 6:00 am every day during the sunrise festival and enjoy the live music.

One of the main attractions the lake is famous for is the Jet D’eau, it’s a giant fountain in the middle of Lake Geneva and is also one of the most iconic fountains in the world. The massive fountain can be seen from miles away. There are many lakeside food stalls where you can have a wonderful meal.

2. Black point estate

This place is situated on the southern shore of the Geneva Lake. You can take a 45 minutes boat ride to reach here. It is one of the oldest mansions on Geneva Lake and was built in 1888 as a summer home for Conrad Seipp. It has been open for public since 2007. There are 13 bedrooms and you can take a guided tour which will take you back in time. People who are interested in history and architecture will love this place. It runs across 60 acres of area and has a Queen Anne style of architecture; you can see the post-civil war-era furniture here.

Black point estate is listed in the National register of historic place s in the year 1994. The estate with its sure line is preserved by the Geneva lake conservancy. You have to climb around 100 steps to reach the main ground. The house is mainly restored to its original condition. So it’s worth it to come to this beautiful historic property with a great, fairly calm back-story.

3. Geneva lake museum

The Geneva lake museum is a replication of Lake Geneva’s Main Street from the late 19th century to the early 20th century. You get a brochure here that briefly explains the different rooms. Have a look at the beautiful artifacts.

The museum takes you through town’s history of the Native Americans of the 20th century. There are many interesting displays. The place shows Lake Geneva’s Rich history and close ties to Chicago. There’s a lot to discover at this museum, this place is truly fascinating.

4. Tristan Crist magic theater

The Tristan Crist magic theater is located on the 609 W main streets in downtown of Lake Geneva. This theater features a world-class magic, illusion and comedy performance of about an hour.
You are going to be amazed by all the magic tricks, it’s like as if you’re off to magic land. Your kids will remember this place throughout their lives. It’s going to entertain people of all age groups and for sure you’ll exit the theater dazzled and impressed.

5. United Nations Organization

The United Nations organization at Geneva is at Palais Des Nations building and is the second largest office site of the United Nations. You can walk in the rooms were many important historical negotiations took place.
You can have a one hour guided tour which helps you to discover the building, the group tours are available in around 15 languages. There is an art collection which has over 2000 international works of art, also the famous “The Rebirth sculpture” by Michelangelo Pistoletto.

There is serpent bar which is the perfect place to have organic food and drinks and click a lot of selfies. Not only is this place wonderful to visit the Chambers were historic treaties were made but also as a purely artistic level, you are going to consider this visit a quality one. Be sure to see the broken chair sculpture which is outside the main entrance.

6. Bigfoot Beach estate

The Bigfoot estate is a state park on Geneva Lake. There are plenty of trails, a small beach, and very nice campsites. The place gets packed on weekends. There are picnic tables where you can enjoy with family and kids. It is very interesting to know that Bigfoot Lake was the original English name of Lake Geneva.

7. Grand Geneva Resort: The Mountaintop

The mountaintop at Grand Geneva resort is the name for the ski resort; there are mountain slopes perfect for skiing, a well-organized ski shop, and a restaurant. The staff is friendly. Come here on a weekday and it will be absolutely perfect as very few people are there, so you have the whole mountain for yourself.

8. Rivera Beach

The Rivera Beach is located at Wrigley drive in Lake Geneva, it’s a kid-friendly area best to spend time with your family and friends. The white sandy beach, the crystal clear Waters, and the beautiful views can be seen across the lake. The beach is quite clean, you can have a swim or have a subtle walk, sunbathe and just relax.

9. Safari Lake Geneva

Be sure you don’t miss out on this one. The Safari at Lake Geneva helps you to see the animals from around the world. The tour lasts for around one hour and you get a cup of feed for the animals. Many of the animals approach the vehicles, and you can feed them and get really close and even pat them. You’ll see Arabian Camel, sheep, yaks, bison, zebras, miniature horses, blackbuck antelope, Pekin duck, apple yard ducks, greater rhea, and many more exotic varieties of animals. Tour runs every hour just make sure to reach 10 minutes before your tour starts.

10. White River Country Park

The white River country Park opened in 2014 and has nearly 200 acres area and 2 miles of frontage along the white river. You can have a picnic with family here; enjoy fishing, kayaking, canoeing or have a long Walk on the trails.

The two pedestrian bridges which are the latest addition to the park that runs across the white river helps you explore the trails and the natural areas of the park.

11. Yerkes Observatory

The Yerkes Observatory was established in 1897 on Geneva Lake. It runs across 77 acres of land. You can visit the tour Yerkes on Saturdays throughout the year and have a look inside the 40-inch refractor and the 90-foot dome, which is the largest lens-type telescope in the world. Yerkes also has a museum and gives a huge opportunity for learning.

12. Wilmot mountain

With around 120 skiable acres of area and 23 trails, Wilmot Mountain can offer an affordable and fun trip to the whole family. You can enjoy snowboarding, skiing, and tubing here. A children’s learning center offers group lessons according to family needs. Tubing is highly recommended as it doesn’t require any lessons and you can race down the hills and watch snow fly by.

13. C.E.R.N

It’s the European organization for nuclear research also known as CERN is an organization that operates the largest particle physics lab in the world. But don’t worry you really need not be a scientist or even a science buff to visit this place. The organization is pushing the boundaries of human knowledge, you’ll learn about many things that affect your day to day life, go on a day trip and you can see the biggest machine ever made by mankind.

Places to eat

There are many places to eat in Geneva, here are a few of them listed according to the budget you might have.

1.Cheap Eats

  • Great eggs – looking for a delightfully delicious breakfast? Do visit here and enjoy breakfast wraps, burritos, omelets.
  • Champ sports – it’s a modern-day sports bar. You can enjoy live music every Friday night. Their specialties are BBQ chicken, tacos, burgers, wraps. Perfect place to have lunch or dinner when on a budget.

2. Moderately priced places

  • The next door pub – The place is amazing, the pizza here is absolutely fantastic, apart from pizza the place is also known for ribs, burgers, lasagna, and pasta.
  • Simple cafe – They have a very creative and healthy menu; frittata, veg burgers, sandwiches are recommended. Nice place to have breakfast or lunch.

3. Fine dining restaurant

  • Geneva ChopHouse – An upscale restaurant located on the lodge of great Geneva resort. Lobster Mac n cheese, lamb chops, steaks are delicious with a glass of red wine.
  • Baker house – This is a fabulous place to visit, the rooms are furnished in Victorian style. Ravioli, beef-shot ribs, salmon are amazing. Don’t Miss out on the Sunday brunch which offers a great variety of food. Although higher side of the price it’s absolutely worth the visit.

Just take a break from the regular hectic life and take out time to admire the beauty of Lake Geneva. Have a relaxing vacation. There is so much to do! Enjoy the sunset with your loved ones over the lake and the picturesque beauty the place offers. Have a recreational experience. Lake Geneva truly is one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

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8 Things to do in Salem, MA

You might know Salem as the witch city. But, apart from the spooky and historical past, there are many things to do in Salem, ma. A coastal city in the Essex County of Massachusetts, Salem is located on the Massachusetts North shore of the United States. In the history of America, Salem is one of the most important seashores.

Salem is best known for its witch trials in the year 1692 in which many people accused of witchcraft were put on the stake to burn. Although people usually remember Salem by its witch trials history, the city also has a rich historical past which attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. If you are planning a trip to the famous witch city, you can plan on any time of the year. But October would be the best time to visit. You can visit it on a solo trip. You can also take the children with you. They can learn about the historical past and enjoy visiting the place. Here is a list of places and things to do while you are on a trip to this city.

1. House of the Seven Gables

This is also known as the Turner’s house. The name is so because the house was inhabited by captain John Turner and his three generations after him. The building is a colonial architecture which was built in the year 1668. Today it has been converted to a museum. You can pay a visit to the museum in exchange for an entry fee. The mansion also garnered worldwide recognition and fame through the pages of the book, The House of the Seven Gables which was written by the famous author Nathaniel Hawthorne.

If you are traveling with the children, they will also enjoy a lot as there is a settlement house which hosts activities for children especially. The best time to visit would be in October when the theatrical plays which are performed throughout the month of October. Before a visit to the place, you can also read about the historical past of the building. Likewise, you can also hire a guide to make you known about the place’s history. The House of Seven Gables is one of the most visited places by tourists and is also one of the important things to do in Salem, ma.

2. The Derby Square Bookstore

If you are a bibliophile, this place is your haven. Even if you are not a bibliophile, you will be surprised and awed by the way books are kept in the place. Unfortunately, the derby square bookstore is no more. The shop is still there for a new owner so it is worth a visit. Bibliophiles from all over the country flock in this place. It is not just for the books itself. It is the environment and the feeling which makes it so special among the bookworms. The store claims a fifty percent discount off the marked price of books.

Therefore, it is always flooded with people. Not just that, the store is not like any other typical bookstores of modern times where you see books stacked in shelves and rows. Imagine the old bookstores in the old times when you used to select books from stacks where books were piled on top of each other till the top. The derby square bookstore is just like that! Though the books are arranged categorically, you might not want to make the piles fall. Books of every genre and taste can be found in the store.

3. The Witch House of Salem

If you are visiting Salem, a visit to the witch house is a must. The visit is considered as one of the best things to do in Salem, ma. This is one of the few structures which are left and is related to the witch trials of 1692. If you are visiting the place in Halloween month, you must reach there early. No, witches do not live in this place. But due to its direct ties to the witch trials events back then is what makes the structure popular among tourists. The place can be visited with your family as well as friends. Before visiting the place here is a short history of the witch house.

The house was home to Jonathan Corwin. He was one of the judges who put the witches who were convicted to trial. The entire conviction was based on visions. He was a local magistrate who was asked to investigate the unusual happenings. He then accused 19 so-called witches and put them on trial. Though they did not plead guilty to the charges they were accused of, ultimately they were executed.

Jonathan Corwin resided in the house for more than 40 years after which his family inhabited the house and resided there until the nineteenth century. Today it is a museum which depicts the life and lifestyle in the seventeenth century and also focuses on the events related to the trials.

4. Artemisia Botanicals

This is definitely one of the many things to do in Salem, ma. This is an apothecary. Yes, you heard it right. An apothecary just like the old times. Well, not literally filled with magical herbs and potions. But you can find many things of interest in this place. While your visit to Salem and if you are in the mood for some shopping, this place must be on your list. This store was established in the year 1997 and ever since it has been expanding. You can find a variety of herbs, spices, teas, essential oils and salts in the store.

You can buy them for yourself or take them home as a gift for your loved ones. The store claims that it has a range of over 100 types of teas. It is indeed a great variety to choose from. Many of them, they say are rare. The range of herbs which the store owns is also rare to find in many places. The shop also keeps varieties of tinctures, flower essence and handmade soaps including the goat’s milk soap!!

Not only this, you will also be spooked out to know that the store has its own collection of spell candles, spell books, wands, books on magic, music, shadows, and drums, ritual clothes, witch balls, ritual tools and much more. Spooky huh?? Just out of mere curiosity or genuine interest, a visit to this store is a must while you are in Salem.

5. The Witch Dungeon Museum

This museum is a special place which will relive the memories of the witch hunt in the seventeenth century through enactments and plays. For a more realistic demonstration, there are also wax dummies and real like models of scenes from the witch hunt trials. This place is not so much of a historical importance but it is a visual representation which takes you back in time. It is a great place for adults and children alike. When you first enter the museum, a live show will be shown to you which is performed by the local people about the trials. After that, a tour through the dungeon takes you back to those dark times when the witches were executed.

Dummies and figures are kept there to provide a visual representation of the trials. It is rumored that the actual trials took place somewhere close to the dungeons. If not the puppet show or the enactments, the spooky atmosphere will itself make you shiver. Not so spooky that you cannot take your children with you. Among the many places to visit and the many things to do in Salem, ma, The Witch Dungeon Museum is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the place.

6. Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery

Now this is the place which will run the chills down your spine. This museum features lifelike creatures’ models from the movie, Nosferatu from the year 1922. The artists who created these models are all from the movie industry. Some of the artists also actually worked in the movie itself. The gallery contains figures and figurines from popular movie characters and spooky models of monsters both from the past as well as the present era.

The lighting system, visual demonstration also is dramatically created to create a spooky atmosphere. Taking pictures inside the gallery is not allowed. This is something which you must know as once you are caught doing so, there will no refund of the entry fee. Out of the many figures of monster origin, the most popular ones are Linda Blair from The Exorcist, Vincent Price from The House of Wax, The Darkness from Legend, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Land of the Dead, The Shining, Fright Night etc.

Apart from the impressive collection of monster figures, you can also get to see prop replicas and movie props. You can also see the life-sized figurines of famous directors and actors from the horror genre.

7. The Salem Willows Arcade

After all the historical tours and spooky visuals, if you are ready for some fun and entertainment, this is the place for you and your children. Who said that the spooky city is all about just spooky mansions and museum? Children are especially going to love this place. It has the classic arcade which offers games and fun activities for children and adult likewise. You can taste great food when hungry such as seafood, pizzas, desserts and lots of items at the eateries- Dairy Palace, Clam Shack, Salem Lowe and more.

Some of the attractions of the arcade include foot massager, Pac man, skeeball, air hockey, monster drop, space ballz and much more. Some of the favorite games of your Android app can also be played on the big screen such as temple run and the fruit ninja. You can pamper your kids with the many rides such as kiddieland, bumper cars, and carousel.

For relaxation, there is the waterfront park which is meant for strolling, having a fun time with your family or a nice picnic. If you are visiting the city and looking for interesting things to do in Salem, ma, The Salem Willows Arcade is your ultimate destination.

8. The Satanic Temple

It is the headquarters of the Satanic Temple in Salem. Before visiting the place, you need to know that it contains mature content. So if you are bringing children along with you, you might want to think about it. When you look from the outside, the building simply looks like a colonial structure. But the inside of the building is what attracts tourists from everywhere.

The Satanic Temple is actually a group who believe in one single religion including Satanism. They have been operating since the year 2013. The members of this group are also activists who take a stand against social causes. The spread of this group is prevalent throughout the country but this place is the first location which has been made accessible to the public. There is an art museum inside the temple which contains occult art pieces and other items related to it.

You can also find a gift shop inside the temple. Inside the temple premises, it is said that there is a surprise only for the visitors. The artwork in the museum is especially focused on religion. For more information, you can also pay a visit to the library inside the temple which contains literary documents and books about the Satanic Panic during the 80s and the 90s decade.

Apart from all the above-mentioned places, there are so many interesting and happening things to do in Salem, ma. The whole city is filled with surprises and wonders which will take you by awe. Whether it is a vacation for the kids or an entertaining tour for your family, Salem is definitely going to give to the best of your time. You can have that unusual vacation trip with your family and friends while visiting the spooky town.

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10 Things to do in Rapid City, SD

Most of you know Rapid City as the city of presidents. The city gets its name from the rapid creek which forms the basement of the city. This city ranks number two in population in South Dakota. Most of the people think of Mount Rushmore when they think of the Rapid City. But that is not the only tourist attraction in the city. There are a lot of places to visit and things to do in Rapid City, sd.

Surviving a lot of hurdles, Rapid City has endured a lot all through the years. Today it is known for its culture, economy and lot many other things. If you are planning a short tour then Rapid City could easily find a place on your list. Whether it is fun, amusement, good food, historical past, there are things for every mood. Whether it is good food you want, amusement parks or museums you can get it here. Below is a list of things to do in Rapid City, sd while on a trip.

1. Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Of course, this is the first place which comes to your mind whenever you think of Rapid City. To see the sculptures of Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Theodore Roosevelt, millions of tourists flock to the city every year. The Mount Rushmore is an iconic piece of art in the United States.

The artist behind the design is Luigi Del Bianco. Through an intricate and complicated carving method, the structure was made. This place is of great historical importance for visiting with family and children. This place is so popular that you might have also seen it in many movie scenes. Among the many things to do in Rapid City, sd, visiting Mount Rushmore should top your list.

2. Wildlife loop

If you are a wildlife lover, this is your paradise. The beautiful scenic view of nature while driving through the Pine Hills is just amazing. It is best visited in early hours of the morning or in the evening. This place is usually visited by tourists to see the herd of wild buffaloes. But you must avoid hiking through the roads. The animals might be gentle but you would not want to put yourself at risk.

It is better to rent a vehicle while exploring the place. Apart from the wild buffaloes, you can also get to see wild turkey, elk, bighorn sheep, prairie dog, pronghorn, and coyotes. For bird watchers too, this is a very nice place. You can get to see a wide range of birds. One thing which you must keep in mind while visiting the park is that you are not allowed to feed the wild animals.

To get some knowledge about the park and the wildlife you can easily book a caravan tour along with a guide. In case you are crazy about hiking, there are two trails which you can explore. They are the Centennial Trail and the Prairie Trail. Both the trails are good for hiking and you can enjoy the varied species of plants and trees on your way.

3. Rush Mountain Adventure Park

This is a great place to visit with your children. Visting an amusement park while on a tour is one of the best things to do in Rapid City, sd. It is better to visit the place anytime except winter months during which it is closed. There are many rides to amuse you. the Rushmore mountain coaster is for the adventurous ones. You can try the eagle zip line ride you can almost feel like flying like an eagle.

Also if you are in extra need of the thrill and fun, you can try the spooky cavern tour in October. You can also gain access to the haunted rides in the evening by paying an extra fee. In normal times, you can visit the caverns in the park and learn about the formation and view the stalactites.

The rush mountain park gives you a fresh boost of an adrenaline rush. So if you feeling tired or in need of some serious thrill you must visit this park which is one of the best things to do in Rapid City, sd. Not only children, the park can equally amuse adults too.

4. Petrified Forest of the Black Hills

No, you need not be afraid. The Petrified Forest is not a spooky one. Here the fossil remains of wood remain petrified. It has a very old history just like the dinosaurs. The park was opened to the public in the year 1929. When you visit the park, you will be shown a video lasting fifteen minutes of how black hills were formed since the beginning of earth to the present day.

After that, you will be taken to the museum which contains the fossilized remains of wood and rocks which are as old as 130 million years!! After you have gained some knowledge about the area, you can get to go for a hike in the forest and see for yourself. This tour is highly interesting regarding the geographical history of the place.

It is equally informative, knowledgeable and interesting for the kids too. It is difficult to imagine that the place where you are standing right now is so different compared to what it was before. The petrified woods and rocks which you see actually existed in the same place so many millions of years ago.

5. Big Thunder Gold Mine

Are you ready for some treasure hunting? The big thunder gold mine tour is going to make you feel like you are truly on a treasure hunt.  This real gold mine can be an informative and a fun tour. The visitor system of the mine is praiseworthy. It has caves which are well lit. There are no stairs as in a mine but there are facilities for the disabled and the elderly. The tour of the mine takes about 45 minutes. Every visitor gets to get a free gold ore while on a visit to the mine. What is more!!

You can also get to hunt for your own gold. Sometimes, the owner also helps the tourists on how to look for gold. You can also take the gold specks home if you can find them. This tour could be one of its kind experiences for the children and adults as well. Hunting for your own gold while on a tour could be one of the best things to do in Rapid City, SD. For refreshment, there are eateries and an ice cream parlor nearby. You could also purchase souvenirs from the two gift shops located in the place.

6. Black Hills Hot Air Balloon Ride Experience-

A tour without the balloon ride experience in the city is incomplete. A hot air balloon ride experience could be one of the memorable things to do in Rapid City, SD. The Black Hills Balloons is the only operator which provides the hot air balloon ride in the city. They have been operating for the last thirty years and are well established. Tourists who come for a visit to the city do not miss the chance.

Flying over the Custer Valley and the Custer State Park is simply amazing. You can enjoy a beautiful balloon ride over the hills. You can view the animals, even a mountain lion if luck favors you. you can fly for about one to three hours. After the flight, the operators present you with a postcard and a flight certificate which you can keep as a souvenir. This ride is best for honeymooners, couples, families as well as a group of friends. Even if you are on a solo tour there is nothing to worry. You are going to have the ride of a lifetime.

7. Badlands national park

For a wildlife tour and interaction with nature you can definitely visit this national park. All the nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers will be super excited for a tour to the park. The main attraction of the park is the black-footed ferret. This species is an endangered mammal of the land in the northern part of America. You can commonly see animals, birds, and reptiles such as mule deer, porcupine, bobcat, black-billed magpie, coyote, bighorn sheep, swift fox, bison, pronghorn, rattlesnake and the white-tailed deer.

The Badlands area was once under water as evidence provided by marine fossils discovered in the area. Since long archaeologists have been discovering fossils in the area. Therefore it is now a place of paleontological interest as well. The tour to the park can be fun-filled and informative for the children. You can also use the hiking trails to explore that area. The fossil trail truly takes you back millions of years ago. The beautiful and colorful landscape will please your senses and refresh your mind as you walk past them. A hiking tour in the park is one of the best things to do in Rapid City, sd.

8. Bear Country USA

How would you like to visit a place populated by bears and get to see them up close? The bear country is home to the privately owned largest collection of black bears in the whole world.  Apart from the bears, you can get to see many other animals while on a drive to this place. You can get to see the bears performing various acts in the natural surroundings. Nowhere you would find such a huge collection of bears and get to see them so closely.

The park is privately owned and operated by a doctor couple and their children. The Bear Country USA has adopted many animals which have been adopted or are in serious need of attention. They also support many causes related to wildlife and nature. It also makes donations in the form of cash and kind to several organizations supporting children education. A trip to the park can really be fun-filled and amusing.

9. Reptile gardens

This is an animal park located in the rapid city. This place is a must visit for you if you are visiting the city. You can not only get to see a large variety of reptiles but also varieties of plant species will surely capture your attention as well. It is also known as the largest reptile zoo in the world. This park features the replica of the largest fossil of Archelon turtle. The original one was actually found nearby but later sold to a museum in Austria.

The various exhibits of the park include the skydome, alligator show, Tortuga falls garden, snake program, Komodo dragon, prairie dog town, giant tortoise yard among many others. You must not miss the exhibits as they attract so many tourists from all around the world to this place.

10. Crazy horse memorial

This mountain monument is currently under construction. The monument when completed will feature the sculpture of the Oglala Lakota warrior known as the Crazy Horse. The sculpture will be seen on a horse and pointing towards the distant region. Apart from that, it is also being planned that a museum and a cultural center of the Native Americans will also be constructed.

The thunderhead mountain is being carved to shape the monument of crazy horse. According to the current planning, the measurements of the monument are supposed to be 172m high and 195 m high. The head itself is supposed to be 87 feet high. The construction of this monument has been ongoing since the year 1948. When the structure will be completed, might become the largest sculpture in the world. Whether you are planning to visit the Rapid City in future or not, you must not miss visiting the place once it is completed.

The Rapid City is full of such places and interesting things which will certainly make you come again. It is a great place to visit any time of the year. A holiday plan or a weekend getaway could make your holiday memorable and hard to forget.

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19 Things to do in Huntington Beach

The city named after the an ace business man Henry E. Huntington is a sea side beauty located in the Orange County in California. According to the 2010 census, Huntington Beach is the most populous beach in Orange County and the seventh most populous in Los Angeles – Long Beach-Anaheim.

This beautiful beach is outlined by the Pacific Ocean on the Southwest, Seal Beach on the northwest, Westminster on the north, Fountain Valley on the north east, Costa Mesa on the east and Newport Beach on the southeast. The geographical location helps Huntington Beach to have a classic Mediterranean climate. Which keeps the beach sunny, dry and soothing on most parts.

The ocean breeze cools the beach down in the mornings and evenings. The balance of climate helps the beach to grab more tourist attention. This beach city  has a complete beach town vibe which is exciting and laid back, and the tourists seem to love it to the utmost.

The place is a popular ground for tourists due to its sandy stretches, lovely mild climatic conditions and excellent surfing capacity. Due to the oceanic and geographic climatic conditions, surfing can be performed all year long hence give this place its tag name – “Surf City”.

T hings to do in Huntington Beach

Uninterrupted coastline for over ten miles, all year round sunny skies and the wonderful sea to dip into, Huntinton Beach is the surfing paradise. It is a part of the lifestyle of the both the residents and the tourists to live the life of a surfer. This place makes everybody fall in love with its absolute charm. The things to do in Hungtington Beach is endless.

Everyday people come to fall in love with this beach. The locals and tourist alike embrace the beach. The epic swells of the ocean and surfing in it has always been a dream of every surfer. This place lets one surf all round the year on its epic swell. The never ending beach volleyball can never be missed when on the beach. Taking simple strolls along the beach is serene in every aspect and so is gathering around the bonfire after an entire day of work.

There are a numerous activities one can do in this magical beach. Some of them are listed below:

1. Surfing

After so much of ‘surf’ talk happening, and also calling the place “Surf City’ it should come as a shock to call surfing as one of the main activity to be done here. This beach is known for its surfing oppurtunities. You can see locals and tourists both surf hand in hand. It is like one cannot leave this place without surfing atleast once.

So what if one does not know how to surf? Worry not, there is a solution for everything. There are a academies which help a non-surfer turn into a surfing champion in no time. The academies have very well trained staff who train beginners in the art of surfing and help the first timers enjoy the beauty of surfing. The beginners can then proudly go back home saying that they had surfed for the first time at the Surf City of the world.

2. Biking

Another very common activity is to bike around the beautiful and serene stretch of the beach. There are people who would want to explore the diverse beauty of this not-so-common beach. On the west, a biker can enjoy the stunning view of the ocean, while on the east there is the famous Pacific Coast Highway.

The beach road has a number of shops which rent bicycles, tandem bicycles for making it easier for tourists to go for a ride along the stretch of the coast. There are lot of places to stop for a bite, restrooms and areas dedicated for picnics along the coastal stretch.

3. Restaurant

Which place feels complete without some mouth-watering delicacies to munch onto? Well, there are a number of wonderful places to go to and enjoy the mouth-watering food and enjoy the serenity of the beach. You have a fanstastic range of eateries serving some of the most extraordinary bites. They range from American, Asian, Healthy food joints, Italian, bakeries, Mexican and what not? Once here, do not even think about missing out of the three major attractions- the nightlife, the seafood and the Farmer’s Market.

4. American

What is more American than a burger and fries? California has a burger named after it- The California Burger, made of tomatoes, lettuces and onions. Avacados are added to taste and this burger is ever classic. How can you even imagine the beach not have the burger? Apart from burgers, tacos, mac and cheese etc. are served to keep the American taste buds happy.

5. Asian

The beach is proud to have a variety of display of food options. The Asian ranges from homestyle Vietnamese cuisine, to everyone’s favorite sushi and no to forget the thai curries.

6. Seafood

Tell me one coastal shore which does not have the soulful sea food to offer. Huntington Beach has a variety so diverse that it can match up with every soul who is craving for seafood. Fresh caught fish is prepared into tacos, burritos, cocktails, salads, sushi form to help savor the taste buds of everyone.

7. Farmer’s Market

The Surf City Nights Certified Farmer’s Market happens every Tuesday in downtown. The bounty of the land is brought by the farmers of the neighboring lands. Berries, tomatoes, seasonal delicaies are found here.

8. Nightlife

This beach is a wonder beach! People definitely know how to have fun here. When the sun sets, the Surf City turns into a party hub. The long line of breweries have both the local craft beer and newer inventions. You also get to witness the beach rock reggae culture and music at these locations.

9. Beach Bonfire

It is a beach lover’s dream to surf, play all day and then gaze at the stars wrapped in the warmth of the sand. Huntington Beach hosts around 500 concrete fire ring dot the sand, for the lovely beach goers to not think the party is over yet! Firewood, blanket and marshmallows make for the epic bonfire night along with some jamming on the shore. It becomes a task to grab the best spots during peak season.

For the lazy ones, we have concessionaries along the beach, where one can rent blankets, chairs, snacks and what not. For the laziest ones, we have ‘beach butler’ bonfire packages. They not only maintain the fire, they help you with the coziest of blankets, food and the best spots, all without digging a hole in the pocket.

10. Beach Volley Ball

If there is any other sport apart from surfing that is actively associated with Huntington Beach, it has to be Beach Volleyball. Volleyball is not just played for recreational purpose, it is the stop along the annual AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour. A large number of nets are set on both the sides of the pier await players of all skill levels. Nets are all free and available on whoever comes first. Based on different pro-levels, everyone is welcome to play this beach sport.

11. Water Activities & Boating

What is a beach without extensive water activities? Huntington Harbour is blessed with tropical beauty. The tourists can explore the hidden enclave of waterfront island homes and yachts the way it was originally meant to be seen – kayaking, paddle boards on a stand up, the interesting and fun conce4pts of Duffy boating in the calm water of the harbor. The Kayaks could be found on rent and there are people to guide you through the ways and navigate the tourist.

The newest attraction is the ‘Stand up paddle boarding’. This is popularly known as the leisurely walk on the water. There are a number of places to rent these boards from the shore. There are ‘Stand up, paddle yoga lessons’ as well. Goodness, the various innovations mankind has done to keep the tourists on their toes and fall in love with this beach beauty is on a different level altogether.

12. Beach Tours

There are a number of beach tour and packages available. This Southern California Beach is a blessing to the people with its lovely climatic conditions and warmth of the people. The place stands out not only for its lovely bon fires and surfing academies, it also stands out because of the warmth of the people. There are tour packages from food tours to eco tours to Hollywood and boat tours. It is as per the needs and mood of the person booking the tour. There is something store for everyone and for every mood.

13. Hornblower Cruises & Events

This is one of the country’s most recognized dinner cruise and yacht charter companies. This lovely company hosts extravagant dinners and parties for everyone. The charters are designed in such a way that they fit the bill and needs of every different individual. Personal care is provided and given.

14. Newport Landing Whale Watching & Dolphin Cruises

Whales, yes various varieties of whales including the giant blue whale, grey whales are encountered in this whale watching program. The whales, dolphins and marine life seem to be enjoying this beautiful coastline as much as the tourists here.

15. Hot air Balloon Adventures

The beautiful tropical climate can be enjoyed to the utmost from the exciting vantage point, a hot air ballon. Ballon adventures help you sooth all the troubles and make you peaceful in the air. It is a once In a lifetime opportunity for all balloon and height lovers!

16. Huntington Beach Art Center

The Huntington Beach Art Center (HBAC) is a community for art and culture. This place showcases the various master pieces of artists. It hosts a number of social and cultural events, exhibitions, film and video screenings for the population to showcase the splendid art and culture of the region.

17. San Diego Zoo Safari Park

I always say that the Huntington beach has everything to offer to people, according to their choices. San Diego Zoo Safari Park was previously known as the Wild Animal park is a wildlife preserve. This place is the home of exotic animals. The accredited botanical garden is home to almost 3500 animals.

18. Sunset Gondola

This Is known and voted as the ‘Best Gondola Ride in Los Angeles’. This company offers tours through the Huntington Harbour on authentic Venetian Gondolas, with trained gondoliers. The gondolas provide you with cups, blankets and other equipments required to enjoy the wonderful sunset. The gondolas are the best way to spend time with your loved ones in the most serene and beautiful manner.

19. Warner Brothers Studios Tour

Wish to go behind the scenes of your favourite Warner Brother Studio? This is the chance. It is a walk away and you will be able to see the backlots, props and stages where some of your favourite moments on the screen were shot and created.

Other things to do

Though most of the things are mentioned already, there are a lot of other things one could do at Huntington Beach. The place has something in store for each and everyone. There are things for families visiting the place, there are things for youngsters wanting to go adventurers and feel the adrenalin rush with their surfs and parties, there are things for the people looking for serenity, the beautiful and peaceful bonfires and gondola rides are wonderful examples of how that fits the bill.

There are the Wildlife reserve for the curious ones, who would wish to go and know it all about the place, then the museums and the Beach art centre, where people can go and ease out by watching the videos and checking the artworks and history of the place and the culture. For the ones looking for extravagant parties on the water, you have the parties and dinners with various cuisines and lovely musicians keeping everyone company. Huntington Beach is a place every beach lover needs to visit atleast once in their lifetime. The place is well crafted to keep everyone company and fall in love with.

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10 Things to do in Montgomery

Montgomery is the Capital of Alabama and also the birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement. It is situated in the middle of the state with the beautiful Alabama River flowing on the east bank. The baptist church in Dexter Avenue is the historical place where the civil right movement got started for the first time with people gathering around Martin Luther King Jr. the Civil Right Memorial near to it is built to honour the memory of the people who lost their lives during the movement.

The 19th C houses at the Old town of Alabama preserves the ambience of an old Montgomery which was once served as a Cotton Market. The Oldest building Confederate States such as the White House and the Capitol House also carries a significance relevant to the History.

The Tuskegee University in the east region is a college that provides education to blacks and was founded in 1881 by Booker Washington, a former black slave. At the eastern side, you will find the renowned Alabama Shakespeare Festival Theatre and The Museum of Fine Arts.

Here are a brief description of some must visit places of Montgomery:

1. Pay a Salutation at Civil Rights Memorial

The legendary Civil Rights Memorial is situated in the Southern Poverty Law Centre building in Montgomery, Alabama. Inside the room, the names of all the martyr and their journey in the movement are lined circularly on a circular black granite table. The name of Martin Luther King jr along with paraphrase of Amos 5:24 is displayed behind the table.

At the centre of the table, you will find an emerging stream of water flowing evenly across with a quote, “until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream signifying that justice will also flow like water”.

The memorial was created by Maya Lin who was also the designer of Vietnam Veterans Memorial. It’s not the building only, but the surroundings as well play a significant role in displaying the historical events. Just near the corner of the building, you will find the church where the Montgomery Bus Boycott took place in 1955 to 1956. The Selma to Montgomery Voting Rights that took place in 1965 on the Alabama Capitol is also located nearby. While visiting the visiting, don’t miss visiting the memorial centre too, where you will find the wall of tolerance. A theatre and a classroom.

The memorial is opened for 24X7, so you don’t need to go at any specific timing. Thus it is one amongst the best things to do in Montgomery.

2. Visit Hank Williams Museum

Hank William, a famous country singer, was known as the gem of Alabama as well. In this twenty years of life, he has managed to earn a lot of fame and a massive number of followers through his mesmerising music. Even after his death, his music has kept the country genre alive and with each passing day his followers are also increasing and appreciating his songs.

Hank William museum has established in the ode to the unfortunate and untimely death of this vital singer of America. If you are a fan of Music, then you should visit the tribute place of this famous country singer. Hank William museum comprise in an area of 6000 sqft where you will find all the authentic items related to the magnificent singer of America. All his suits, ties, furniture, awards, recordings, albums etc. have been kept preserved for the visitors. Moreover, his signature Baby Blue Cadillac has also been kept in which he has taken his final journey.

3. Visit the First White House of the Confederacy

The First White House of the Confederacy is another architectural and historical edifice of Montgomery, Alabama. Next, to the Archives and Historic Building, the first white house is situated in the south region of the city. The house was served as a residence of the former President of America Mr Jefferson Davis and his Family. The house remained the house of confederacy from February 1861 until May 1861. After the confederate capital moved to Richmond, Virginia, the building became a historic landmark and listed in The National Register of Historic Places. If you love history and architect, then you will love this place. You will find Italian architect from the time of 1853 along with other architectural pieces from the period of 1850.

Apart from authentic architectural designs, you will also find personal items and furniture of the former President. The house also tells the story of the newly formed government during 1861, the history of Mr Jefferson Davis and also how the residence has been maintained over such an extended period.

4. Visit the HistoricalDexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church

You should visit this place where history is made in Montgomery. The Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church carries great significance for the African American community of Montgomery. This church is famous for its historical contribution during the Civil Rights Movements carried by former activist and Baptist Minister Martin Luther King Jr, who was serving as a pastor during that time.

The church has been recognised as a historic landmark in 1974 and registered as a Historic site by the city in 1976; thus its beauties are among the best things to do in Montgomery.

This church was built in 1877 by a congregation of some colour members, some white missionary society and white ministers. The church was built with a small wood frame building with a market street around it. The Market Street later renamed as the Dexter Avenue. The church plays an enormous role in establishing the Alabama State University, which was initially a university for people of colour of Alabama.

The first registration of students took place in the basement of the Church itself, and the church also acted as a basement from where King used to direct orders during the Montgomery Bus Boycott activities.

5. Alabama State Capitol

The State Capitol Building of Alabama was established in 1847 and serves as a National Historic Landmark in Montgomery. The first building was built by Stephen button, architecture from Philadelphia. The building was constructed with Greek Architectural design, but it was burned to the ground in 1849 under mysterious circumstances.

Then again, the building was reconstructed in 1851 by Daniel Pratt. The second building was built on the same foundation along with the corresponding Greek revival architectural style. When entering the building, you will see a grand spiralled three-story staircase located in the entrance hall. This was constructed by An African American carpenter named Horace King. Apart from the stairs, lots of woodwork was also being conducted by Mr Horace King only.

The Alabama State Capitol building is also taken an active part in writing the national history of Alabama. In 1861, the Senate chamber was used by the southern states’ delegates when they decided for a new nation. You can also see a brass star, where President Jefferson Davin was inaugurated as a president. Moreover, 1965 the building was also a host of 25000 people during the Selma to Montgomery March.

6. Immerse yourself in the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts

The Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts was established in 1930 in an abandoned school building. The Museum is considered as one of the oldest excellent art Museum in Alabama. It was founded by artists John Kelly Fitzpatrick, Mrs Harry S.Houghton along with the Morning View Painters.

From decades, the museum has been showed more profound commitment towards artworks and has emerged as a place where arts from different places around the world are exhibited. People find these ones to be the best things to do in Montgomery.

Most interesting fact about the museum is that 1930, the building was provided by the city the Montgomery under an annual rent of one dollar. After that, the institution has achieved impeccable artistic achievements in history. During the early time, the exhibitions were loaned from local collectors.

Some of the items during those times were china, furniture, silver and other historical items. Later, many important Kress paintings from the renaissance era and English and American Portraits from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York has also been displayed in this Museum. Currently, African arts, historical porcelain, American studio Glass art and several others are being displayed in the museum,

7. Learn some History in the Alabama State Archives and History Museum

If you are a keen lover of History, then you will fall in love with this place. Founded in 1901, The Alabama State Archives and history of Museums possess all the precious records and artefacts that will give you immense knowledge about the development of Alabama. Apart from the history of Alabama, you will find ample of documents that will show you the history of the origin of America. The journey of America, from the American Indian culture to the Modern Culture is all been available in the Museum.

On the second floor of the building, you will find archives related to former vice president William Rufus King. You can look at his historical documents as well as all his personal belongings in a display like clothing, furniture, silver etc. Apart from being a historical haven, the building also serves as a great architectural value. The whole building including the walls, stairs and the pillars have been built with Alabama white marble, Tennessee Grey marble etc.

8. Rest near the Riverfront Park

The Riverfront Park is the ultimate fun destination of Montgomery. Located near Coosa Street in Montgomery, this area comprised of a vast amphitheatre, Union Station Train Shed and the most famous Herriot II Riverboat. After a long day of visiting historical sites, a stroll or rest near the river banks of Alabama River is refreshing. You can either take a cruise ride, attend a concert or simply arrange a picnic and relax.

9. Fall in Love in The Fitzgerald Museum

If you are a classic novel lover, then you must have heard about Scott Fitzgerald, the writer of many popular novels that achieved a unique status in the world. The Fitzgerald museum is dedicated to the legendary lovers’ duo Zelda Fitzgerald and her Husband, Scott Fitzgerald.

This place was the home of Zelda before she moves out to marry the legendary Novelist Scott Fitzgerald in 1920, even after marriage they used to come and live in this house occasionally. The museum is still safeguarding the legacies of one of the most loved couples in America. The museum contains six galleries that capture all the memories of the two lovers during their early days.

10. Enjoy the drama at Alabama Shakespeare Festival

If you a fan of classic art, then you must be a lover of Shakespeare too. The Alabama Shakespeare Festival is conducted around 14 times in a year and is considered among the top ten Shakespeare Festival in the world. The festival produces approximately three plays of Shakespeare at one time. Earlier it was hosted in Anniston but couldn’t gain much attention at that time. During 1980, the production was moved to Montgomery and is sponsored by Winton M. Blount Cultural Park.

Also, pay a visit to the Sous La Terre club, while you are touring Montgomery. It is an underground club that opens since early daytime till all night long. You can watch live jazz and blues music being played by local musicians and artists. It is a perfect place to get immersed in the drinks, food and dance for all night long. Thus, if you are searching for an all-night-party destination place lately and you’re in Montgomery now, this is the place that should top your list of ‘things to do in Montgomery’.

So, here you get a glimpse of the beauty Montgomery. But this is just a minute of what this place is capable of delivering you. Once you will start exploring this place, your each trip will bring a new jaw-dropping surprise for you. However, exploring the beauty will be easier if you hire a tourist guide. The local guides know more about the place thus they can enable you explore places those mighty internet is unaware of. They can suggest your best eateries and staying places those will come under your budget.

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11 Things to Do in Seward, Alaska

Seward is known as one of the oldest communities in Alaska. Located on Kenai Peninsula, Seward is at the head of Resurrection Bay. Seward is also considered as a scenic region due to its population as low as 3000 people. Irrespective of its small population, the beauty of Peninsula attracts thousands of visitors per year. Kayaking, fishing, sailing, cruises, flightseeing are some of the adventurous activities that are famous in this magnificent town of Alaska. Moreover, a trip to Kenai Peninsula and Kenai Fjords National Park is exceptionally refreshing and mesmerising during the summer season.

If you are looking for some best things to do in Seward, Alaska, here are some of the places that you must visit:

1. Kenai Fjords National Park

Among all the best things to do in Seward, Alaska, a tour of Kenai Fjords National Parks always tops the chart. It is one of the primary reason why people visits Seward mostly. This magnificent park comprised of a vast area of 600,000 acres of land space and a home to various marine wildlife such as minke whales, killer whales. Harbour seals, sea otters, humpback otters and many other exotic aquatic animals. Apart from that, this park also offers a gorgeous view of a 300 square mile of large Harding ice field.

There are two ways to view to park, by land or by water. If you want to travel by land, then you have to travel to Exit glacier, known for its convenient accessibility. If you ‘re going to be a little more adventurous, then you can book a boat cruise from Seward and visit the Kenai Fjords from Sea.

2. Exit Glacier

Thirty-five glaciers are flowing in the Harding ice fields and they altogether comprised of 300 sq. km area. Exit Glacier is the most popular and visited glacier in the area and covers an area of 2.5 miles long. To enter the icy trails, you have to pass through the Exit Glacier and can enjoy a two short day hiking trails observing the phenomenal natural beauty of the surroundings.

After entering the exit, Glacier don’t forget to visit the Exit Glacier Nature centre, after that take a left turn and pass through the cottonwood forest and witness the spilling exit glacier of the Harding ice field. You can either turn back towards the parking area or move through the rocky outwash plain towards the toe of the glacier.

The area of rocky outwash is often facing flood and make the area inaccessible. Make sure the water level is low and also don’t go to places where the ice is above your head as sometimes ice falls over the head on its own.

3. Alaska Sealife Centre

The Alaska SeaLife Center was established in 1998 and covers an area of 115000 sqft facility. It was build using the fund collected from the infamous Exxon Valdez oil spill of 1998 and is certified by Alliance of Marine Mammals Parks and aquarium and Association of Zoos and Aquarium. Its primary purpose is to create marvellous discoveries related to marine ecosystem and share it with the world. It is currently operated by a private non-profit organisation that undertakes the responsibility of wildlife and provides education programs. The tour in this centre is offered with a very interactive format while teaching you the value of Ocean life in Alaska.

This place offers a plethora of marine beauty, from the cute sleepy harbour seals resting on rocks to the diving and gliding of a sea lion, you will enjoy your heart in this place. Watching The discovery touch tank, hatching of five species of Pacific salmon, seabird aviary are some of the other things to do in Seward, Alaska.

4. Kenai Fjords Wildlife Cruise

If you are a cruise lover, then you must have a tour of the wildlife cruise of Kenai Fjords. You can search for various marine animals such as sea lions, bald eagles, harbour seals, puffins, multiple species of whales, Dall’s porpoise and many other exotic animals. The cruise usually lasts around 3-4 hours in the resurrection bay, and you can enjoy the live views of such oceanic beauty. If you opt for a quality cruise, then you will be appointed with captains and naturalists who will narrate you the whole ocean world during your cruise. The cruise is extremely funny and adventurous along and is known for its calm and protected waters of resurrection bay.

5. Seward Waterfront Park

The seaward Waterfront Park is ideal for people who like to enjoy camping, skating and other similar adventurous activities. This area stretched from a boat harbour to the SeaLife centre. The park hosts activities such as Paid tent, RV camping, picnic, playgrounds, skate area and beach access. While walking down the park, you will find a trail that connects you with various historical landmarks. Old Railroad Depot, Founder’s Monument and Iditarod are some of the monuments and historical landmarks that you will come across during your tour in the Seward Waterfront Park. Moreover, while strolling around the beach, you will also found seabirds, seals, bald eagles and other animals on your path.

6. Dog sledding

Summer Dog sledding

Dog mushing is considered as an intimate part of Seward tour. If you are a dog lover, then you will find this trip one of the best things to do in Seward, Alaska. The dogs are highly trained from the musher. All the dogs provided to you will be highly trained who will obey all the commands and will assist you in navigating through the trails. Before starting the tour, visit the kennel and see how the dogs are getting a train. If you like you can pet the dogs too. The tour normally takes around 1 hour. Usually, six people are appointed to one group, but it can extend up to 15 people as per the requirement.

Winter Dog sledding

Compared to the summer season, in winter the tour lasts around half a day to four nights. For longer tours, you will be provided with all gears, bibs, parkas and insulated shelters.

Usually, winter dogsledding is a bit pricier than summer dogsledding, but if you like to spend a long time in the snow and with cute dogs, then winter is ideal for you.

7. Fishing

Fishing charter trips in Seward, Alaska is famous for its friendly crew and excellent services. If you are visiting steward, then add fishing to your to-do list too. Enjoy your whole day in the finest sea of Alaska catching silver salmon, king salmon, and halibut, lingcod, salmon shark and rockfishes. The best part of Seward fishing is that you will have the opportunity for a longer range fishing opportunity compared to other fishing trips.

In peak season, you have to book a good fishing charter few weeks before coming to Seward. You can also go for the fishing trip instantly, but normally all the good cruise with experienced captains get booked in advance. Before travelling in a charter make sure the captain is a local and has proper training in sailing. It’s not the size of the ship that matter but a well-qualified captain.

8. Zip lining

Seward is famous for its adventurous tours and ziplining is one of such tours that will let you have the panoramic view of resurrection peaks, magnetic mountain views and lush greeneries. Ziplining or canopying doesn’t require any professional training, anyone who is more than ten years and doesn’t suffer from acrophobia can go on these amazing adventure. You will be provided with all the safety gears required for the tours, and also you will be guided by trained professionals.

The professionals will teach you the basic technique of ziplining from the ground level. During gliding, one guide will be in front of you, and another will be following you from behind. The ziplines are around 1100 foot, and you can zip as fast as 40mph. Imagine the gorgeous view you will be witnessing while ziplining through the mountains and dense trees. Ziplining is such an experience that it will be captured in your memories forever.

9. Two Lake Trails

If you not much of a hiker but still want to hike for an experience then Two Lake hiking is best for you. Not only it is extremely beautiful, but also it is also very close to the city. The area is located exactly at the end of the city and start of the wilderness. Located near to mount Marathon, you will have an opportunity to watch the dense hemlock rainforest. You will find lots of salmon in the first lake and also if you have time, then you can host a picnic there too. The trail for two lakes is a small one, but it is quite memorable. Exotic birds, wildflowers, animals, creeks and crystallised clear lakes are some of the enamoured beauty you will witness during this trip.

10. Kayaking

It is well known that kayaking is one the adventurous task in Alaska. Kayaking in Seward is much more joyful due to long stretched ocean comprised of exotic marine life and the vistas of mesmerising glaciers. The kayaking activities take place in Resurrection Bay and on this trip you will find sea otters, harbour seals, bald eagles, salmons and many other marine animals on your way. In summer you can watch a spawning stream of active salmon in Tonsina Creek.

If you want a much better view of the glacier, then you can go for a one-day kayaking in the Aialik Bay. The guides will drop you off at the Aialik or Holgate Glaciers, and you will experience a unique kayaking around the bluish sea waters along with icebergs of the glaciers as close as half a mile.

11. Mt. Marathon:

Also known as Lowell Mountain, Mt marathon is also one of the best places in Seward, Alaska. The area is surrounded by gorgeous mountain views with ample of greeneries, exotic birds and wildflowers. Hiking in this mountain takes almost one day but it will totally worth your time. The top of the hill will give you a panoramic vista of the city and Resurrection Bay.

Mt. Marathon is actually famous for its marathon on 4th of July each year. The target of the marathon is to perform a round trip of three miles to the top of Mt. Marathon. The marathon is held on a massive scale, and around eight hundred people take part in this race every year.

Some tips to follow:

  • Make sure, you have hired a knowledgeableguide. Their presence can let you understand the place more deeply. They know the place more deeply. They can even suggest you better eateries and local stays.
  • Keep some digital cash with you apart from physical currencies. Digital cash through wallet systems can take care of your local expenses such as recharge, hotel bill payment, shopping etc. Indirectly, your loss against currency exchange will be minimum.
  • Try to keep your belly light on daytime while travelling. This is important because, many times, people face the hit of liver disorders owing to their interest of galloping every sort of tasty foods at one go. This makes them seek and cause unwanted pause to the travelling.
  • If you are with your family that has small children, try not to keep any sort of night stay plan at some distance place other than your hotel. Even if you are a gang of young boys, making a camp inside some deep jungle is not advisable unless that is not a whole night plan.

The best things to do in Seward, Alaska is to come by car. The road from Anchorage to Seward has been recognised as Top Rank in all over America. A memorable journey includes a remarkable experience of the destination as well as the whole way experience. Some opt for a cruise ship or train, but the entire trip of driving slowly and enjoying the calm and beautiful streets is a beauty of its own.

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15 Things to Do in Idaho

Idaho is the North-western state of United States of America. It forms the border of six states and one Canadian province of the British Columbia to the North. The biggest city and capital of the state are Boise. It is the 7th least densely populated, 14th largest and the 39th most populous city in America.

Before the European settlement, it was solely inhabited by the Native American people who still form a part of the local population. During the early 19th century, it was considered as part of the Oregon country and disputed between the two nations of the United Kingdom and the United States.

It was only after signing of the Oregon treaty of 1846 that it became an official US territory. “Gem State” is the official state nickname of Idaho due to its reputation for gemstones and wilderness areas. It has two time zones dividing the northern Idaho into the Pacific Time Zone and the Southern Idaho into the Mountain Time Zone. Let’s know about the commutation facility here.

Transportation to Idaho

There is a government agency called The Idaho Transportation Department which is responsible for the state’s transportation infrastructure that also includes operations, maintenance and future planning needs. The major airport in the southwest region of the state is the Boise International Airport, and in the North, there is the Spokane International Airport.

The domestic airports include the Magic Valley Regional Airport in Twin Falls and Pocatello Regional Airport. Three Transcontinental railroads serve Idaho which is The Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF), The Union Pacific Railroad and the Canadian Pacific Railway that connects the different cities of the state. The port of Lewiston also serves as a major dockyard for loading on ocean-going vessels. If you are wondering to quickly grasp an idea on ‘things to do in Idaho’ then the actual knowledge supplement is present below. 15 beautiful places are summarized with sufficient reasons on why you should visit them.

Places to visit in Idaho

Idaho has everything to provide for awesome recreational opportunities from picturesque lakes, historical sites to camping and skiing. There is something for everyone to enjoy. Before you browse some other pages here are some of the best places to visit in Idaho-

1. Boise

It is located on the Boise River in the southwestern part of Idaho. It is the capital as well as the county seat of Ada County. It is a regional hub for theatre, jazz and indie music. There is also an annual Gene Harris Jazz festival which is a must-see for any jazz fan. The 8th Street of the city through downtown is a pedestrian zone, and a walk around the Basque Block will enlighten you about the Boise’s Basque heritage. The Basque Community in Idaho is the largest in the country.

It is home to several museums like the Boise Art Museum, The Basque Museum like The Basque Museum and cultural centre; The Boise Art Museum; and the Discovery centre of Idaho. There is an extensive urban trail system known as the Boise River Greenbelt that runs through Pierce Park providing hiking and biking opportunities.

The Boise River is a famous destination for swimming, fishing and rafting. The Bogus Basin ski area primarily provides multiple winter activities like Alpine skiing snow tubing and snowboarding. This city has been published in the prestigious publication of Forbes, Sunset and Fortune praising it for its quality of life. Thus spending a day or two in the lap of Boise is probably first among the 15 best things to do in Idaho.

2. Coeur d’Alene

It is the biggest city in northern Idaho and only 30 miles east of Spokane Washington. It is situated on the North Shore of Lake Coeur d’Alene and has a substantial number of resorts both luxury and affordable. So, you can be here with your family to have a budget-friendly weekly holiday time. Every year it hosts the Ironman Triathlon and Christmas lightening Ceremony that includes parades and fireworks. The surrounding area is apt for many outdoor recreational opportunities like camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, Mountain biking, swimming etc.

3. Sand Point

This beautiful town is located in the northernmost part of Idaho. It provides plenty of outdoor and indoor activities for visitors due to its setting on 43- mile- long Land Pend Oreille and the surrounding Selkirk and Cabinet Mountains.

Apart from its fresh shoreline and lush green forest, it also showcases its 19th Century heritage in the museums. For beer lovers, you can enjoy an eclectic variety of locality brewed and award-winning beers at the Laughing Dog Brewery. The Pend d’ Oreille Winery tasting room will appeal to the pallet of wine enthusiasts. Now, don’t you think it is reasonable that visiting Sand Point is one of the best things to do Idaho?

4. Idaho Falls

This city has established itself as a regional cultural destination of Idaho. Due to the availability of many outdoor destinations, it was recently placed on National Geographic list of “100 Best Adventure Towns”. It has The Colonial Theater, Civic Auditorium and The Willard Art Center that hosts year-round, diverse musical concerts, events and plays. The Museum of Idaho showcases regional artefacts and history.

5. Lewiston

This city is situated in North Central Idaho and was the initial capital of the newly created Idaho Territory in the wave of gold Rush in the late 19th century. It is present at the town’s focal point which is the confluence of the Clearwater and Snake Rivers.

It is the gateway to natural Marvels like Salmon River Canyon and Hell’s Canyon. For Idaho History tours, visitors can go on walking tours to downtown, and the most popular one is the Ghost Tour. The Lewis Clark Discover Center has several displays of interpretative nature like an Indian teepee; a dugout canoe and several other such exhibits.

6. Driggs:

It is a city in Teton County and a recreational heaven as it includes top-class golfing at Huntsman Springs Resort, Fly Fishing, Glider flying, Road biking, Trail riding and more. It offers an unpretentious and friendly atmosphere. The nearby Grand Targhee Resort features as a fabulous sport for snowboarders, winter Mountain biking and skiers.

7. Yellowstone National Park

It is situated in the states of Montana, Wyoming and Idaho. It was the first National Park in the US that was established in 1872. It covers an area of 8983sqkm. It comprises of many lakes, mountain ranges, rivers and canyons.

The Yellowstone Caldera is the largest supervolcano, and the Yellowstone Lake is one of the largest lakes in high elevation in entire North America. Around half of the world’s geothermal features are here due to the ongoing volcanism. The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is the largest remaining almost intact ecosystem in the northern temperature zone of the Earth, and the park forms its centerpiece.

Hundreds of Species of fish, reptiles, birds and mammals dwell in the park along with many endangered and threatened species too. There are paved roads to provide access to major geothermal areas, lakes and waterfalls. The park has amby recreational features like fishing, boating and sightseeing. In winter season guided tours use snowmobiles or snow coaches.

This park is famous for its wildlife and geothermal features like the Old Faithful Geyser. The Yellowstone National Park concessionaires manage about nine hotels and lodges. Camping is available at many campgrounds.

8. Sun Valley

It is located in South- Central Idaho and attracts hundreds of skiing enthusiasts each year due to its exciting winter sports facilities and well-maintained tourist infrastructure. The Dollar Mountain and Bold Mountain offer several levels of downhill skiing. For cross-country skiers and snowshoers there is a Nordic centre. Other outdoor activities include Heli-Skiing, fly fishing for trout, horseback riding and hiking.

9. Hells Canyon Recreational Area

This is the deepest water gorge in North America. The Snake River passes through the region which is located along the Oregon and Idaho birder affording white water rafting and fishing opportunities. There are some helicopter and jetboat tours available along with a wealth of hiking and backpacking trails. For a history lesson, the Kirkwood Historic Ranch offers a glimpse of the ranch life in the 1930’s.

10. Craters of the Moon National Monument

This area was formed by the remnants of cooled off Lava in Southern Idaho. It is one of the best-preserved basalt flood areas, and visitors can explore an underground lava tube created by molten rock. There is no danger of lava flow now and is popular for hiking, camping and cross-country skiing.

11. Shoshone Falls

It is the state’s largest waterfall located outside the town of Twin Falls that offers a range of facilities like picnic areas, hiking trails, boat camp, playgrounds and a lush scenic overlook. What the height of the waterfalls on the Samke River is 65 meters or 212feet whereas the Niagara drops at the height of 167feet or 51 meters. So sometimes it is called as the “Niagara of the West”. The falls are a significant trading and fishing spot for the Native Americans and Shoshone on which the falls are named.

12. Bruneau Dunes State Park

The tallest freestanding dunes (up to 470 feet) in the continent are present in Bruneau Dunes State Park. This park is home to several wildlife species and offers opportunities for bird watching, camping, hiking and star gazing at Idaho’s only public observatory.

13. Thousand Springs State Park, Hagerman

It is home to one of the world’s largest spring areas. They are the terminus of a huge underground aquifer that flows from the Pioneer Mountains underneath the Snake River. Due to the crystal clear and, pure water beautiful Springs and pools are formed here. This park features volcanic landscape fantastic water displays and Historic sites.

14. McCall

It is located near the centre of the Payette National Forest on the Southern shore of Payette Lake. It is a resort town on the Western edge of Idaho in the Valley County. The Brundage Resort is a must visit due to its legacy of being run by the descendants of the original founding fathers of the town and of course it’s world-class services. It has five chairlifts and also operates snowcat skiing operations.

This Mountain town draws on Kayakers, boaters, swimmers, standup paddleboarders every year in hundreds to enjoy the advantages of the brilliant blue Glacier lake- Payette Lake. It provides so much for enjoyment like peaceful float trips for families, huckleberry picking, music and arts festival; snowmobiling and the famous Winter Carnival.

15. The Sawtooth National Forest

It is located in central Idaho and features more than 300 lakes, forests and Mountain Ranges. It has miles of horseback riding and hiking trails, snowmobiling and cross-country skiing opportunities. It is a National Recreational Area and is managed as appt of the Sawtooth National Forest.

It is managed and maintained by the Us Forest Service and was established in 1972. It includes Sawtooth, White clouds and Hemingway- Boulders wilderness areas. Most parts of this city are heavily glaciated. The Sawtooth Mountains have remnants of these glaciers such as moraines, glacial lakes, hanging valleys and arêtes. The Sawtooth Mountains along with Smoky, Boulder and White Cloud Mountains are situated within this location.

Headwaters of Boise, the Big Wood, Payette and Salmon River are present here. The Alpine glaciers form the majority of the lakes like Redfish, Yellow Belly and Sawtooth lakes. There is a variety of wildlife in the area like the grizzly bears and wolverines. The recreational area includes backpacking, hiking, rafting, whitewater, rock climbing, hunting and fishing thereby making it one of the best things to do in Idaho.


Idaho is rightfully coined as the Gem State because it offers everything for a perfect vacation. From relaxing in the high-end resort to outdoor adventures at Mountains and lakes, Idaho will make any of the vacation dreams come true. It has unspoiled scenic natural beauty and opportunities for adventure sports. Whether it is the desire for isolation or reinventing oneself, Idaho is a must visit place.

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15 Things to do in Playa Del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen was at first, a Small fishing town located in the Solidaridad municipality, along with the Carribean sea, in the Quintana Roo state of Mexico. It became a popular tourist destination in the eastern Mexico when passenger ferry service to Cozumel began.

Cozumel Island is itself a world famous scuba diving destination which is present across the Cozumel Channel. Due to its fortuitous location in the Riviera Maya and rapid modernization of the city, Playa del Carmen has accommodated a vast array of tourist activities. This city serves as the host for PGA Tour golf tournaments and has been the backdrop of many telenovelas and TV series. Now, before exploring the best things to do in Playa Del Carmen, let’s gain some information on the communication options available here.

How to reach Playa Del Carmen

It is arguably true that a hassle-free communication is bare essential to enjoy the beauty of a beautiful place. And, the absence of the same can make your whole journey painful and tiresome.  However, in this regard, Playa Del Carmen has easy-to-go options for exploring its beauty. it is mostly a coastal resort town and commonly referred to as just “Playa” by the locals. The closest airport to the city is the Cancún International Airport. The Cozumel International Airport is also nearby, but a ferry has to be taken to reach the town.

Buses arrive and leave at an interval of thirty minutes from the airport. They have no stoppages between the city and the airport along the highway. So the only way to go to the desired place is by first reaching the city and talking the Mayab Bus along the same route. The most convenient way to get from the Airport to the city or even enter the city, in general, is by Private transfers or by car.

Just make sure to book online in advance with well-known local companies especially to save time. If someone wants to experience a ferry ride, then there is a dock on the Southernmost part of the city that offers ride across to the Cozumel. Boats leave hourly from morning to evening at a distinct time, and the journey itself takes about half an hour.

Getting Around the City

The basic layout of the city especially downtown is rectangular and is well developed so getting around on your own is easy. For peripatetics, this place is super friendly. There are some bicycle paths in the city, so bike riding is also a fun alternative to walking. Car rentals are easily available at various locations. The local agencies are cheaper but the Large Companies like Hertz, National etc. are more trustworthy.

Places like the 5th Avenue or Quinta Avenida is a pedestrian-friendly place, so taxis are available at almost every intersection. However, there are no meters so visitors should familiarise themselves with the official price map based on zones. There is a scheduled bus service from Playa Bus station to destinations like Tulum and Xcaret. First class ADO bus has hourly departures and also runs direct service to the Cancún International Airport.

The Mayab buses are second class local buses those leave from Fifth Avenue Station and frequently stopped route, so it is convenient to travel. The city offers an alternative to the buses called the “Collective” vans. They are government regulated, cheap, air-conditioned vans that transport on Highway 307 between Cancún and Tulum.

The pick-up time is roughly every ten minutes and can drop you off at any place along the highway. Organised bus tours from a variety of companies are also available that cross the Yucatan and the Riviera Maya. There are many Resorts, hotels and hostels that could fit into any Budget. Now, it’s time to explore the best things to do in Playa Del Carmen.

Things to do in Playa Del Carmen

This city is famed across the globe for its exciting beaches and amazing nightlife. However, with the dizzying area of tourist activities, it can be difficult to pick which one suits you the best. Some of the top things to try out when you are at Playa Del Carmen as follows:-

1. Playa Del Carmen Beaches

In all of Mexico the beaches are public and free. So anyone can get access to the beach anywhere. It’s remote enough to enjoy privacy and spend a relaxing afternoon and still offers many amenities. The visitors will have direct access to the lounge chairs, beach front of course and even water sports equipment.

The majority of the city’s top hotels and resorts are located along this beach. Kitesurfing is another popular activity on the beach. This place is almost always filled with paddle boarders and kite surfers from all age groups and places. Several companies offer paddle boarding and kite surfing lessons.

For extreme sports make sure to check with a qualified instructor. There are several parts of the beach, and some of the popular beaches are- Mamitas at Calle 28 and the beach in front of Playacar Phase l. They are relatively wide beaches with lots of activities, clear water for swimming and good eateries nearby.

2. Playacar

If you are somehow tired of roaming around the beach then Playacar serves as an idyllic suburb in the Yucatan with it’s green, tree-lined lush community. There are wide sidewalks which make it perfect for bicycle rides or long walks. The easiest entrance is through Avenida 10 Sur and Calle l Sur. The beaches here are also quieter and are wider stretches of clean, pristine sand.

3. Tulum

It is a small and relaxed Beach town popular among tourists for its fast nightlife and beautiful beaches. The real attraction is the expansive beaches with crystalline water. Another interesting feature is that it’s the most preserved coastal Mayan city in Mexico.

It was a walled city up to the 15th century, and the Tulum ruins are one of the most visited tourist places in this town.The ruins are lapped with gorgeous turquoise seawater below them. It is just an hour from Playa Del Carmen and can be reached by colectivos, local buses, rental cars or by joining the Tulum Ruins Tour. It’s complex is well kept, and the entrance is filled with mazes like rows of shops and vehicles.

4. Chichen Itzá Mayan ruins

Chichen Itzá Mayan ruins is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the second most visited of Mexico’s archaeological sites. It was given the status of as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World IN 2007. The main attraction to see here is the 90ft tall Castle or the “El Castillo”.

The  365 steps of the stairs cases on each side of the pyramid represents the number of days in a year. The structure was apparently used for astronomical observation and religious purposes.

The best time to visit this place is during the autumnal and vernal equinoxes. On these days the architecture of the building traps the sunlight in such a way that shadows play tricks at the base of the stairway to showcase a Serpent’s body.

5. Ek Balam

It is relatively nearer to Playa Del Carmen and Cancún than Chichen Itzá. It is located 20 km north of the city of Valladolid. The unique shape of the 96 ft tall main pyramid makes it worthy to see. Visitors are allowed to climb it to get a great view of the Peninsula.

In the Mayan language, the term Ek Balam means “Black Jaguar”, and this was used from 600BC to 1600AD. The location is 15sqkm large and is a must visit for people who want to experience the rich cultural heritage of Yucatan Peninsula and Mexico.

6. Coba Mayan ruins

It is in the middle of a jungle, and the ruins are spread with interconnecting trails. This area gives visitors an adventurous feel with its natural surroundings, lakes with crocodiles and peaceful ruins.

There is a Coba village that visitors will pass when going to the site and it is a traditional Mayan Community where you can experience the Mayan culture. It takes about 30 minutes from Tulum to reach here and renting a car is possible too.

7. Valladolid

It is a colonial Mexican town located near the border between Quintana Roo and Yucatan. The city was founded in 1545 and built on top of the ancient Mayan city of Zaci. The colonial buildings that stand today have used the stones From the ancient ruins of Zaci.

The colonial buildings used the stones of the ancient Mayan city in their construction. There is a large cenote at the heart of the city and a colonial centre with nice pastel-coloured buildings. There is also a central Plaza that becomes more lively during the evening.

8. Cozumel

From the piers in Playa Del Carmen to the Cozumel, Ferries run directly. It is an island just off the coast of Playa Del Carmen. It has its airport, several upmarket hotel resorts and is a hot spot for snorkelers and scuba divers due to its acclaimed reefs. So, don’t you think it is reasonable to have Cozumel in the list of best things to do in Playa Del Carmen?

9. Akumal

It’s a typical Mexican coastal town which doesn’t require a tourist guide to travel. Snorkeling gears can easily be hired, but it is famous for its population of sea turtles.

10. Cenotes

They are a trademark for Yucatan. They are deep sinkholes in limestone with a pool at the bottom. Some of the famous cenotes are Cenote Cristalino that has Crystal clear water and a rock overhang for divers to jump into the water below. The Cenote Angelita is 200 feet deep and consists of both salt and fresh water.

11. Parque Fundadores

It is located right next to Playa Del Carmen and is famous for an ancient ritual that is still performed here. It involves people elegantly spinning towards the ground after attaching themselves to the pole with a rope. They tie it around their waists and then launch themselves backwards. It is accompanied by flute music and dance.

12. Xcaret

It is one of the three Eco adventure water parks that is located towards Cancún and is about an hour away from the central Playa Del Carmen. It has underground rivers, events, zoo, aquariums, aviary, Mayan town and cemetery; and also organise grand shows at the end of the day.

13. Xel ha

It is a huge aquatic park with water slides, special children’s play area and single gym trail in the trees. The atmosphere is fun-filled with live music, and the food is good too. It is a great place to spend quality time with your family and kids here.

14. Xplor Park

It has two zip line routes, paddle boats in underground caves, Jeep’s to drive in the jungle and swimming in the underground rivers. It has strict eco-friendly standards to only use biodegradable products.

15. Nightlife in Playa Del Carmen

It is top notch with some clubs and restaurants that remain open till dawn. Some of the best nightclubs are located on the beach who host events like nightly fire shows, beach dancing and swings at the bar. Most of the nightlife happens around 10th Avenue, 12th Street and the beach. There are many restaurants and local eateries in Playa Del Carmen with different cuisine and price ranges. But the local cuisine is worth trying out as it is fresh, cheap and gives a traditional touch to your meals.


Playa Del Carmen is a charming place to spend your holiday at the centre of Mexican Carribean. Irrespective of your period of stay, the enjoyment will be heavenly. It boasts a wealth of mesmerising beaches with crystalline waters, amazing underwater world and the strong influence of Mayan archaeology. From exotic to relatable, shopping or expedition, it is easy to find something for anyone’s taste. Swimming, fishing, yachting to trying local delicacies, it is a place worth visiting whether the agenda is for relaxing or have an adventure.