11 Beautiful Guam Beaches You Must Visit

Located in Oceania, Guam, which lies 9300 km to the west of San Francisco and 2600 km to the east of Manila, is the most populous and southernmost of the Mariana Islands. The original dwellers of this island are believed to be the descendants of Austronesian people coming from Southeast Asia.  A Portuguese explorer named Ferdinand Magellan- sailing on a mission for the king of Spain- was the first man to explore the island in the year 1521.

It is known to be the host of some of the most amazing ‘beach landscapes’ in the world. A favorite beach spot for many, Guam leaves no stone unturned in attracting dive-in lovers and beach ‘freaks’ from across the world. The climate is generally warn in this island with little seasonal variations.

Want to Scuba-dive or raft on the sea, catch a crab, dig a cave, or make a giant sculpture? Guam is the perfect destination for your hunger for a great beach experience.

For those seeking to experience real beach landscapes along with several beach activities to create an unforgettable memory, here is our guide to 10 most amazing beaches in Guam:

1.Tanguisson Beach

Mostly known for giant rock formations in the ocean, Tanguisson Beach is one of the secluded beaches among the pristine sands of the island. The beach has something special to offer on its sand for its visitors who are attracted from all over the world. Ideally preferred for reef sparkling and hiking along the seaside, the beach- a treasured sandy haunt- is a popular spot for beach lovers looking for a beach that can give them never-before like experience.

Rugged terrain and beautiful landscape from dawn to dusk are the two characteristics that make this beach an ideal preference for beach lovers.

2. Inarajan Pools Beach

If you are a first time traveler to a beach spot, then this one could be a perfect beach spot to start with as a ‘beach’ fresher. Ideal for first-timers to get acquainted with their equipment, the amazingly natural salty water at Inarajan is over-shaded from the waves so there is hardly any ripple formed. For anyone unaware of the nature of sea, this is a fantabulous chance to experience swimming with Guam’s beautiful and colorful tropical fish variety in shallow, ripple-free and current-free waters.

Are you a barbecue-lover especially when you are on a tour? Well, this beach spot is not only for bachelors. Families, too, can visit this beach with kids as there are covered picnic tents and dug barbeque pits which make Inarajan a perfect family-friendly beach destination. Offering a mix of both shallow waters for relaxing in and deep waters for dive-in freaks, this beach spot is ideal for adults, kids and old folks as well.

3. Ritidian Point

A natural wildlife shelter, Ritidan beach is seated on the north most part of the island. Even though you carry snorkel with you- of courses, you have to acquaint yourself with this must-have equipment- while taking a plunge in the sea, you’d better be careful as this spot comprises of both limestone cliffs and Jungle as a result of which strong waves are formed in the sea which may rip you apart. However, the forest touching the line of the coast is well maintained by forest department of Guam.

Conjoined by sea and dense forest offering both ‘blue’ and ‘green’ views respectively, this spot is ideal for adventure-lovers and ‘crazy’ roaring beach admirers who like to take up nerve-racking expedition. Arguably the most admired and visited beach in the entire Guam, it is easily counted among the top 5 beaches in the world. So, if you like to experience the true nature of water, come to this beach spot and experience the natural beauty of water.

4. Sharks Cove Beach

Love to hike through maze-like paths as well as soak under the hot sun on a secluded beach? Well, this one is a perfect spot to match your flavor. Suitable for sun-bathers who often like bathing in the sun, Sharks Cove Beach hardly takes forty five minutes by tricky coastal-hiking. Hermit crabs are the most popular creatures on this beach.

The path to the beach stars from the lower bottom of the cliff visible from the infamous Tanguisson Beach Park from where the hike follows the coastal like to the Cove spot. As visiting to the Cove involves both hiking through perilous tracks and snorkeling on a secluded beach- visited by very few people- make sure that you take protective measures such as wearing protective glasses, good-quality hiking shoes, and acquaint yourself with every possible safety equipment before setting off to this beach.

What better beach spot for sun-bathing and snorkeling than a secluded one where hardly anyone visits in search of tranquility? Missing on Shark Cove means missing on a great adventure… So, don’t forget to experience this one- especially this one if you are a hungry adventure-lover.

5. Agana Bay Beach

Considered as the most family-friendly beach, Agana Bay beach is not just a beach. It offers a mix of total fun for family along with a ‘head to heel’ beach experience. comprising of several beach activities such as flying kite, skimming stone, digging canals to the sea, making sculpture, swimming in the sea accompanied by experts for kids, the beach is not less than an amusement park.

Lay over a lengthy and sand-accessible stretch, you can give soothing treat to your feet by walking bare-foot over the sand stretch. An amazingly fun spot for kids and family, the shallow lagoon is a great spot for snorkeling and watching the fishermen catch octopus- which is something to watch for on this incredible spot. Jogging in the morning on this beach not only keeps you healthy, but can give your mind and body completely different experience of tranquility.

This beach spot is ideal for family and kids who wish to spend some quality time together on a beautiful beach offering various flavors to its visitors in terms of restaurants and cafes, fun-loving activities, snorkeling in shallow waters, among others.

6. Gun Beach

The namesake arm of Gun Beach is situated in the far right end of the little inland sea made to a limited extent by an enormous precipice on the north end. On the left of the old Cove is a passageway to another disconnected bay called Fai Beach. Gun Beach includes great snorkeling, when safe conditions succeed, and a plunge site with soak reef sides and a link trench driving into deep water. Again, this beach spot is great for snorkelers and deep dive-in lovers provided the weather conditions are normal so that you do not risk your precious life. Also featuring this beach spot is a dive-in place with steeply reefs and a long cable trench that directly leads you into the depth of the ocean.

You would be amazed to see the infamous point on Gun beach- Two Lovers point which will definitely give you a breathtaking view of it…that may stay with your memory forever.

7. Talafofo Beach

Enormously adored by the individuals who favor stone to sand, Talafofo is a rough shoreline just by the Talafofo River Bridge. Frequently contrasted with San Francisco Bay, this niche of water is delineated by a protective solid rock making for an immaculate dusk photograph.

The hues that make up Talafofo are genuinely shocking. The blend of dark stone, green palm trees, brilliant blue ocean and the rainbow coral make give this inlet a reflective vibe. Join an excursion to Talafofo Beach with a visit to Talafofo Falls Park. Here guests can explore Guam’s waterfalls and gives in and take a ride in a link auto for an all-encompassing perspective of the island.

A great place to get an amazing tranquil experience both for your mind and body, the shallow waters will surprise your mind with its naturalistic ‘loud’ silence…So this beach is a much-visit for you if you are planning to visit Guam next time.

8. Tagachang Beach

Arguably one of the most admired beaches for its quality of being the most peaceful beach spot in the world, the far away outer coral- thanks to it- prevent the gigantic tides emanating from the ocean. This makes Tagachang beach a great choice for ‘peace loving’ tourists. Despite the fact that this beach is remotely located- detached from most places, it is really inviting, and you will not regret including this one in your list.

Afraid of swimming nevertheless, knowing how to swim? Don’t worry. Ideal for kids and new swimmers because of its nature of being ‘silent’, the beach does not produce much ripples…You can really sharp your swimming skills here. So, don’t miss on this great place. Lastly, don’t forget to take your kids here…they will surely love this place and may also inspire you to set further travel goals.

9. (Gab Gab Beach) – Gab, Gab, Gab…

Located inside the US Navy fence line, shoreline occupants require either their own particular base access or to be with some person who has base access to be allowed access to Gab Beach. It is well worth investing the push to find some person who can take you to Gab as it’s never extremely swarmed and it is an inconceivable region for both snorkeling and scuba-diving.

Turtles and reef angle swim around in their masses and coconut crabs are likewise known to settle here. In case you’re chatting with a major gathering of companions, the shoreline volleyball court is additionally be incredible fun – and a fabulous approach to meet new individuals as well.

10. Matapang Beach

If you are a raw swimmer or you fear swimming in large water bodies, you can visit this amazing yet well safeguarded beach spot to sharp your swimming skills. So, this place is quite ideal for family and kids who can enjoy a large set of beach activities along with swimming in group, soaking in the sun, jogging along the stretch in the morning and evening, and so on and so forth…

Comprising of covered areas for privacy of family and couples, Matapang beach also has pits to enjoy sea food barbeque. The place is attractive and beautiful with consistent weather all through the year- you can visit this beach any time during the year. Also, the beach has white sand and transparent water that will leave you baffled with its ‘transparent’ beauty. You can watch from your boat coral reef inside water, variety of fish while enjoying sailing in your boat.

Authorities safeguarding this beach really care about your life as there is a manning tower with a high definition surveillance camera to keep an eye on people, thus ensuring their safety- which is their priority. Although the place is safeguarded, never be careless, and risk your life by being so.

11. Ipan Beach

Lying adjacent to the popular Talafofo River Bridge is Ipan beach that again reminds us of San Francisco Bay. Protectively outlined by solid black rock at low level, Ipan is a beach spot perfectly suitable for adventure lovers, family and kids as it offers an array of beach activities. Well, not just these, you can wake up early in morning, and set out for jogging along the stretch of the coast to get its morning experience.

An amazing island to experience the ‘true’ beauty of water and nature, Guam has an incredible collection of sandy beaches, in varieties, to surprise you with their tranquility and adventurous characteristics that you may not forget soon!!!

You may go on a tour monthly, half-yearly, yearly or once in a life time, but ensure that you do not miss on visiting Guam, which has an authentic side of beauty in the form of beaches- Guam itself is an island- and your experience of these beaches may become a lifetime memory for you and your family.

Guam is awaiting your visit impatiently. So, once again to remind you, never miss on this amazing part of the world.


12 Most Beautiful Coral Reefs in The World

Whenever we hear the word ‘holiday’, we mostly think about a relaxing beach day; sandcastles, sunbath and a little swimming are all we can think about. But we never think much about the world beneath the veil of the blue vast ocean, do we? The unknown world or the ocean world is something we are always attracted to but never got the courage or time to explore. What we never consider is that the world beneath the layers of water is the 2/3rd of our whole earth; interesting, no? So, why not discover it little by little? Let us get your swimsuit ready and explore the most beautiful coral reef in the world.

A little factual check– Coral reef is the world’s most endangered yet the richest ecosystem, along with the rain forest. Too much of water pollution has affected the planet’s richest ecosystem a lot and now they are almost on the verge of getting extinct. Coral reefs are not only the place to explore different sea animals and fish but it is the place to explore about some rare sea-plants too. Rather, coral reef can be tagged as the garden of the sea. Our world has many beautiful coral reefs, hidden under the vast oceans and here, in this article, we will explore the best 15 of them. Let us have a look which is the most beautiful coral reef in the world.

#1 – Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Talking about the most beautiful coral reef in the world, Great Barrier Reef of Australia will always top the list. And not only the most beautiful, but Barrier Reef is also the largest coral reef in the whole world. Tagged as one of the seven natural wonders of the world, Great Barrier Reef of Australia is a UNESCO Heritage Site as well.

The whole coral reef is spread over 2,300 kilometre area and also it comprises about 3000 individual reef system. It is situated off the coast of Queensland, in the famous Coral Sea. Great Barrier Reef features almost 900 of islands that are made of different types of hard and soft coral. Great Barrier Reef contains more than 600 types of corals here.

Due to the local beaches and snorkelling option, many tourist from different corners of the world flock to Australia every year. Apart from corals and sea-plants, Great Barrier Reef of Australia is home of many rare colourful fish, molluscs, starfish, turtles, dolphins and sharks.

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#2 – New Caledonia Barrier Reef, New Caledonia

There’s nothing more pleasing than watching the shades of the beautiful ocean, no? The Barrier Reef of New Caledonia is the perfect example of holding the beauty of such magical blue shades. The UNESCO World Heritage Site, Barrier Reef of New Caledonia is a double barrier reef with Mother Nature at her perfection.

Situated off the coastline of northeast Australia in the South Pacific, this Barrier Reef of Australia is home to several marine lives that include many rare marine fish, Green turtles, dolphins, endangered dugongs and many other fish which are yet to be identified. It is almost 1500 kilometres long coral reef which makes it the second largest coral reef in the world. However, this most beautiful coral reef in the world is under threat due to many man-made causes.

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#3 – Red Sea Coral Reef, Red Sea

Although, Sahara and the Middle East countries are mostly known for their hot desert and dry weather, they have the most beautiful coral reef in the world that is capable of amaze anyone and everyone. Lying in between of Africa and Asia, the Red Sea or the Erythraean Sea, this coral reef is a great example of biodiversity.

Almost 1200 miles long, the Red Sea coral reef is 4000 years old and home to many endangered and rare marine species as well. More than 1200 species of fish can be found in this coral reef, among which 10% species can only be found in this region only. Not only that, but this coral reef also contains more than 300 different types of hard and soft corals. One of the most unique characteristics of this coral reef is that it can withstand high temperature variance easily.

#4 – Rainbow Reef, Fiji

The name itself suggests the nature of this most beautiful coral reef in the world. Located Somosomo Strait between Fijian islands of  Taveuni and Vanua Levu, this coral reef showcases the most vibrant coloured corals ever. Not only that, but this Coral reef is also considered as the best spot for dives and snorkelling in the South Pacific Ocean. The Kaleidoscopic rainbow colours of this Coral Reef are considered as one of the Mother Nature’s wonders.

You can find more than 250 different types of soft and hard corals in this region. It is a great natural habitat for marine lives and more than 1200 species of fish live here. The different colours of fish along with the reefs of the white corals make a heavenly scene under the ocean that is a real treat to eyes. The whole Rainbow reef covers almost 100 miles of area.

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#5 – Coco Island Coral Reef, Costa Rica

Situated off the coastline of the Costa Rica, the Coco Island Coral Reef is one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world. If you really want to explore the world of corals, Coco Island might be the best option for you because this place holds a great amount of hard coral and that is too well-preserved.

You can find more than 100 different types of coral in this region along with colourful run of fish. This region is mostly famous for hard corals, however if you can search carefully, you might find some soft corals too. Apart from corals and fish, you can also spot turtles, dolphins, sharks and rare species of sea plants in the Coco Island Coral Reef. Unlike other coral reefs, Coco Island Coral Reef is not threatened by the man made causes, yet.

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#6 – Raja Ampat Coral Reef, Indonesia

Each and every coral reef across the world has their own beauty. But the Indonesian Coral Reef, also known as the Raja Ampat Coral Reef, is the most beautiful coral reef in the world, if considered from the view point of biodiversity. This coral reef showcases the most versatile collection of corals and the different vibrant colours of each coral can be a feast to the eyes.

Located in the heart of the Coral Triangle, this coral region has 30% of coral species that are still unidentified. Not only that, but this coral reef is a natural habitat for many colourful fish as well. More than 1500 species of fish live here in this region. Based on its biodiversity, Raja Ampat Coral reef is most favoured diving spot among the tourists.


#7 – Tubbataha Reefs, Philippines

The popular destination for holidays is not only made up of beaches, but it has more than that in its bag. The great Tubbataha Reefs of Philippines is one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world and also it is one of the most favoured spot for divers as well. Vibrant coloured corals and amazing marine lives, these two are the main factors of this coral reef region.

Along with hard and soft corals, you can find more than 400 types of different corals here. Not only that, but this coral region is also a natural habitat for 600 species of fish as well. It is made up of two coral islands. Recently, it has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the presence of Pristine Coral reef. Also, you can spot whales, sharks, dolphins, green sea turtles etc. in this coral reef region.

#8 – Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, Caribbean Sea

The largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere, the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef is 700 miles long coral reef that has touched the coastline of four countries namely Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Guatemala. It begins near the Isla Contoy on the Northern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula. This reef is not only for the tourist’s amusement but the 2 million people of the coasts of these four countries also depend directly on this Barrier Reef.

It has more than 80 species of hard and soft coral. Also, it is a natural habitat of many fish species as well; you can find more than 600 types of different species of rare fish in this region. However, currently this reef is greatly threatened by water pollution and many other man made causes and because of that, this region has become one of the home of the scientific researches.

#9 – Apo Reef, Philippines

Declared as the world’s second largest contiguous coral reef, the Apo Reef of Philippines is full of vibrant corals that include many rare species of corals as well. Situated off the coast of Mindoro Strait, this coral reef covers a vast area of 34 square kilometres. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the whole region of Apo Reef has been well maintained as the Apo Reef Natural Park. More than 120 different types of corals and marine life which includes sharks, different types of fish, sperm whale, hammerhead sharks etc. constitute the ecosystem of this region.

#10 – Great Chagos Archipelago – Indian Ocean

If you are looking for the least polluted and threatened coral reef in the whole world, the Great Chagos Archipelago Coral Reef of Indian Ocean will fulfil your desire. One of the largest coral atolls of the Indian Ocean, this coral reef can also be tagged as the most beautiful coral reef in the world. Located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the Great Chagos Archipelago Coral Reef comprises of 55 islands in the Indian Ocean.

It is reported that half of the world’s corals are located in this region including the Ctenella chagius coral, the coral that resembles a brain. Apart from corals, this region is rich with marine lives as well. Different types of fish, whales, turtles, dolphins can be easily spotted in this region.

#11 – Bonaire Reef, Dutch Caribbean

Located in the Dutch Caribbean, the Bonaire Reef is called the ‘Diver’s Paradise’. Because of the transparent and the clean water, anyone can see the coral world of this reef from the above. Also, this region is full of vibrant coloured corals such as bright blue, red, green, neon yellow and many more. You can find more than 60 species of hard and soft corals in this region. Not only that, but you can also find many rare fish, turtles, dolphins and sea plants in this coral reef as well.

#12 – Andros Barrier Reef, Bahamas

Situated off the coast of the Andros Island, the Great Andros Barrier Reef of Bahamas is considered as the third largest double coral reef in the world. Being the most beautiful coral reef in the world, the whole area is stretched 120 miles and the reef starts at about 65 below the surface of the blue ocean.

It is a great place for divers as this place nestles many species of vibrant coloured corals. Apart from corals, it is a natural habitat for rare fish, octopus, sharks, whales etc. too. Also, this place is also home to one of the world’s largest concentrations of the Blue Holes which are generally known as the underground caves in the ocean. In a nutshell, this coral reef barrier’s diverse collection of corals and marine animals will surely amaze you.


Among many great underwater wonders, coral reefs are the one that can be touched and felt. Although, almost every coral reef in every possible ocean is greatly threatened by pollutions, it is still considered as one of the greatest wonders of the Mother Nature. So, if you still have not visited a coral reef yet, it is better advised to experience one soon before their extinction. The above list of 12 coral reefs are the world’s most beautiful coral reefs and it is the time to add them on your bucket list soon. Happy Travelling!


12 Great Day Trips from Tokyo

The city of sushi and ninjas, Tokyo, is not only the capital of Japan; but it is also considered as one of the best places to travel in the whole Asia. The busiest city in Japan, Tokyo showcases a blend of tradition, and the modern Japanese lifestyle and the mix of these two different tastes will surely help you differentiate Tokyo easily from any other place in the world. And another exciting thing about Tokyo is that you can easily take a day or two days trip to nearest places. From beaches to the volcanic mountain, Tokyo has everything to give you the perfect vacation feel. Thus, day trips from Tokyo to nearby great attractions should not be missed at any cost.

However, if it is the first time that you are setting foot in Tokyo, you might not know the perfect places to travel in case you are looking for day trips from Tokyo. And as Japanese is a language that is hard to understand and decipher, it is better advised to buckle up with your all Tokyo day trips plan beforehand. In case of help, we are here. We have already enlisted the name and descriptions of 12 great day trips from Tokyo in this article. Let us have a look.

1. Hakone

Situated in the district of Ashigarashimo, Hakone is just 100 kilometres away from Tokyo. It is the part of the volcanically active Fuji Hakone Izu National Park. It has the beautiful Lake Ashino, and the national park surrounds this lake. From hot springs to great views of the famous Mt. Fuji, Hakone is one of the famous holiday destinations near Tokyo city. The bright red coloured gate welcomes every tourist to Hakone. In Hakone, you can easily avail the cable car to explore Owakudani.

Also, the must thing to try in Hakone is the black coloured eggs which looks weird but have delicious taste. This food culture is unique to Hakone only. And if you are up to more adventurous events in your day trips from Tokyo, you should absolutely take the pirate ship tour of Hakone in the Lake Ashino.

2. Karuizawa

If you want to explore the traditional culture of Japan, it will be best explored in Karuizawa. Only 170 kilometres away from Tokyo, Karuizawa is situated in the district of Kitasaku. Many Tokyo people own a second home in this place as it is a great place to have day trips from Tokyo. Mt. Asama, the active volcano of Honshu, surrounds the whole place and that gives Karuizawa the advantage of a beautiful scenic view. As Karuizawa has Japan’s traditional culture alive till date, the best way to explore this place is to visit the traditional shops, cafes and restaurants. If you are a shopaholic, you are going to love Karuizawa because the shops of this place give some serious discounts on every product.

And if you are not that into shopping, go for the Tombo-no-yu bath house for an open-air terrace and enjoy the natural view of Mt. Asama from up there. And never forget to taste their freshly brewed Yona Yona ale; it is one of the famous drinks of Karuizawa.

3. Kamakura

If you are looking for day trips from Tokyo and that too an hour drive only, nothing can be better than Kamakura. Only 68 kilometres away from Tokyo, Kamakura is known as the Kyoto of Eastern Japan. This place is all stuffed with ancient temples, shrines and historical structures. The main attraction of Kamakura is the Great Buddha Statue of Kotokuin. Apart from that, there exist numerous temples in Kamakura such as Engakuji Temple, Hasedera Temple, Tsurugaoka Temple etc.

Also, Kamakura was the political centre of the medieval Japan and thus this place adds many importances to the history of Japan as well. Although many parts of this place was destroyed in Tsunami and 1923 Earthquake, Kamakura still showcases some of the unique architectural structures of Japanese culture that has been declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

4. Enoshima

Just like Kamakura, Enoshima is also 60 kilometres away from Tokyo and thus it is indeed another great place for day trips from Tokyo. Situated in the district of Fujisawa, Enoshima is located in Shonan area. Although it is a small island, it has many places to visit. The island is attached to the main land by a 500 metres long bridge. Enoshima is mostly famous for beaches. During the summer season, Enoshima provides the best water sports including surfing and paragliding.

Also, you can spot Mt. Fuji from here if you are lucky enough to have a clear sky. Apart from beaches and all that fun, Enoshima has many historical places, temples and shrines to visit too. And the most famous shrine of Enoshima is the ‘Enoshima Shrines’ which is dedicated to Goddess Benzaiten, the goddess of wealth, poetry and music. Mythologically, Goddess Benzaiten is the creator of Enoshima.

5. Hayama

If you are looking for a quiet seaside town to stress out all the hustling of the busy city Tokyo, day trips from Tokyo to Hayama is the perfect plan. Situated in the district of Kanagawa, Hayama is the most popular summer destination for the Japanese people. Hayama is considered to be the owner of the best beaches in the whole Japan. And apart from enjoying the beach, you can enjoy your holiday with the taste of water sports as well. Kayaking, sailing, windsurfing, paddle boating; you can opt for any kind of water sports in Hayama.

Also, Hayama has a great picturesque view that attracts many tourists. During the 70s’, Hayama was the most favourite place for the Imperial family too as a summer getaway. And while you are in Hayama, never forget to grab a light lunch or afternoon snack at the Hayama Marina.

6. Odawara

Situated in the district of Kanagawa, Odawara is 80 kilometres away from Tokyo. Odawara comes in the journey way of Fuji Hakone Izu National Park. Odawara is the small and beautiful place with a perfect picturesque view of the Mt. Fuji. The whole city is quite, and the perfectly decorated garden of Odawara has enhanced the beauty of this place. Not only that, but the Odawara castle also increase the tourist value of this place.

Apart from the beautiful Odawara Palace, you can visit the Odawara Museum to learn about the ancient Japan. And never forget to visit the garden, especially Odawara Kokian garden. Also, this place has many temples and shrines as well such as Hotokuninomiya Shrine, Shofukuji Temple etc.

7. Katsunuma

Just 107 kilometres away from Tokyo, Katsunuma is famous for its ancient traditions of wines and vineyard. Situated in the district of Yamanashi, Katsunamu is home to 31 wineries which accounts for almost 35% wines of the whole Japan country. Since 1800s’, Katsunuma is famous for its smooth and delicious wine. Also, there are many wineries available that offers free tasting sessions too. Among those wineries, Chateau Mercian and Suntory Tomi no oka are the two best wineries.

Apart from wines, Katsunuma is a home to beautiful nature as well. From the Budo no Oka hill, you can get the landscape view of the whole town and that is beautiful. A delicious bottle of wine and mesmerizing view of the hills and sleepy villages, Katsunuma is a perfect place to have day trips from Tokyo city.

8. Chichibu

Located in the district of Saitama, Chichibu is another mountainous holiday destination. It is just 110 kilometres away from the city of Tokyo and thus you can have a drive of 1 hour to this place. Situated inside the national park of Chichibu-Tama, this place can hook you up if you are an outside person. The whole place is surrounded by non-volcanic mountain range and none of them is less than 1000 metre high. The river valleys will sooth your eyes and the vibrant colours of the mountain ranges will mesmerise you to the very core. It is an absolute destination for nature’s lovers and a great place to have some alone relaxing time. Mt. Mitsumine is the most famous peak in this region due to the location of an ancient shrine on the top of it.

Another attraction of Chichibu is the Hitsujiyama Flower Park. Numerous cherry trees spreading over the whole region of this park– the scenic beauty of this park cannot be ever described in words. Weeping cherry and double-petal cherry trees are unique elements of this park. Also, you can experience the background view of this cherry park which is decorated with Mount Buko. And if you are there on a summer vacation, never miss the iconic flower festival of Chichibu.

9. Nikko

Just 150 kilometres away from Tokyo, Nikko is one of the best options for having day trips from Tokyo. Situated in the district of Tochigi, Nikko is a small town surrounded by many famous mountains of Japan. This place is stuffed up with hundreds of hiking trails and thus it can be called the ‘Paradise of hiking lovers’. Apart from great hiking trails, Nikko has an amazing National Park and tourist from different corners of the world visit Nikko for this national park alone. Beautifully decorated with lakes, waterfalls and lush greenery of the hills, Nikko National Park is the perfect nature’s nest. This place is particularly great in summer because of comparatively lower temperature. Lake Chuzenji and Yudaki Falls are two great attractions of Nikko.

However, apart from that, Nikko has many other historical architectural monuments too; especially shrines. The Futarasanjinja Shrine, Rinnoji Temple and Nikkotoshogu Shrine are famous landmarks of this small town.

10. Kusatsu

Japan is famous for its onsen i.e. hot springs. And if you are looking for day trips from Tokyo, what can be better than Kusatsu, the town of hot spring? Only 190 kilometres away from Tokyo, Kusatsu is located in the district of Agatsuma. Yubatake hot spring of Kusatsu is one of the famous tourist attractions. The beautifully scented emerald water, rich with sulphuric acid is perfect for cooking different Japanese dish and it gives the unique Japanese dish a unique smell.

Also, the onsen at the centre of this town is lit up at night which produces a magical atmosphere in the surroundings of the Yubatake hot spring. Apart from the hot spring, this place is also famous for its different historical shrines and hiking trails too.

11. Takao-San

One of the nearest day trips from Tokyo, Takao-San is located in the district of Hachioji. It is just 55 kilometres away from Tokyo. Mount Takao is the best attractions of this place. Apart from enjoying the stunning scenic beauty of Mount Takao, you can also resort to the hiking trails to ascend this mountain too. And if you are up for any kind of adventures, you can easily avail the cable car and enjoy the view of the city from the top of the mountain range.

Another great attraction of Takao-San is the ancient Buddhist Temple, Yakuo-In, which was established in 744 during the dynasty of Emperor Shomu. Also, trying the unique dishes of Takao-San is another recommended thing to do.

12. Yokohama

Besides Tokyo, Yokohama is the second largest city in Japan. Just 40 kilometres away from Tokyo, Yokohama is a great option to have day trips from Tokyo. Situated in the district of Kanagawa, Yokohama is the first port in Japan to be engaged in any kind of foreign trade. This city is stuffed with Chinese restaurants and it has its own largest Chinatown in Japan.

Yokohama is the perfect place to enjoy the modern Japanese life along with the touch of little traditional Japanese lifestyle. Sankei-en Garden of Yokohama is a famous park of Yokohama that preserves the ancient Japanese style. Inside this Garden, ten unique buildings have been declared as an important cultural property of Japan.


Japan is a small developed country-island, and thus you will have many options if you will ever think of having day trips from Tokyo. The above 12 destinations are the nearest and the most famous ones. So, if you had ever been to Tokyo, never miss the chance to travelling these places which are only 1 or 2 hours long drive away from Tokyo. Happy Travelling!


10 Great Day Trips From Barcelona

Barcelona– the medieval dream city of Spain! And if you are a football lover, you surely know what Barcelona stands for. Messi, Suarez, Iniesta, and Pique– many famous names are associated with the city of Barcelona. And I bet, all these names are enough excuses for a football lover to pay a visit to Barcelona, no? And if you are not a football lover, we have found many other excuses for you to visit Barcelona as well. The strategically located city Barcelona is not a deserted place; rather it is surrounded by many great small towns, beaches etc. which can be easily marked as great day trips from Barcelona. Does anyone need any more excuses to visit this place? I think not.

And if you are not well acquainted with the name of the destinations or the day trips from Barcelona, we are here to help you out. Here we have enlisted the top ten places which will give you the pleasure of having a relaxing day out from the actual city of Barcelona and to experience a different culture and environment as well. Let us have a look here.

1. Pals

If you are fond of the structures of medieval age villages, you will love the small village of Costa Brava, Pals. Just 129 kilometres away from Barcelona, Pals is the perfect place to have day trips from Barcelona. This little medieval village is like having a little walk on the streets of the past. The architectures of the buildings are fascinating, to say the least. The rocky balconies, arched gates and intricate fabrics on the buildings are something to experience with your whole heart in Pals. The cobbled streets will make you recollect the historical descriptions of the middle age Europe.

Also, you can find traditional shops, craft shops, restaurants and local delicacies in the maze of the cobbled passageways. Apart from that, Pals has amazing beach provisions. Aigua Bava beach, Platja de Pals beach, Montanas de Begur beach are some of the famous beaches of Pals. The whole village is situated on a hill and thus you can also see the picturesque landscape of the whole Catalonia region of Spain.

2. Montblanc

Montblanc is another medieval walled town near Barcelona, Spain. Located in the region of Tarragona, Montblanc is just 122 kilometres away from Barcelona. For day trips from Barcelona to Montblanc, anyone can easily avail the train or anyone can drive up to the place too. This small town is also the capital of Catalonia. The whole city has a fascinating resemblance with the medieval towns of Europe and you will feel like living in the history. From traditional craft shops to local restaurants, Montblanc is the perfect place to gather experiences and memories.

Montblanc is also famous for the ‘Cistercian Route’, or the route of monasteries. Poblet Monastery and Santes Creuse Monastery are two famous monasteries of Montblanc. The architectural excellence of these monasteries is fascinating. If you want to cover the whole of Montblanc in one day, it is better to drive off early.

3. Sitges

The small town, Sitges, is just 50 kilometres away from Barcelona and this is one of the famous places for the tourists of Barcelona to have a little getaway from the bustling city life. The city has a certain bohemian style which makes it more appealing to the tourists. As it is one of the most nearest cities to Barcelona, no other option can be better than having day trips from Barcelona than Sitges. The coastal town off the shore of Mediterranean sea is packed with bars and restaurants. Being a small coastal town, Sitges has many famous beaches too. Platja Sant Sebastiá, Platja dels Balmains, Platja de la Fragata etc are some of the famous beaches of Sitges.

But if you want to enjoy the splendour of a quiet beach, it is better to reach there early in the morning. Also, the Sitges town has a cultural vibe which will always make you feel homely and warm.

4. Girona

Just 104 kilometres away from the city of Barcelona, Girona is one of the best places for day trips from Barcelona. Situated in between of Costa Brava and Pyrenees, Girona is a vibrant small town with a positive vibe of the traditional culture. The Jewish quarter of Girona is one of best and oldest preserved property in the whole Europe. Girona also resembles the middle age Europe and the architecture of this city’s passageways and buildings are something to experience for your whole life.

Especially, if you are a photographer, Girona will be like a shooting set that has been specially made for the purpose of the photo shoot. It has some best gardens in the whole Europe and the landscape view from this city is picturesque. In a nutshell, Girona can be tagged as the best place to have a relaxing alone time.

5. Delta De L’Ebre

If you are a nature lover and tired of roaming around the passageways of the medieval towns of Spain, Delta De L’Ebre is the perfect getaway for you and do not forget to take the camera with you. This huge natural park has everything– from Rivers to Wetlands, from lagoons to beaches, Delta De L’Ebre is a perfect blend of a holiday destination. Not only that, but you can also spot many wild animals and bird in here too. It is said that a total of 300 species of birds can be seen in this region alone. Especially, you surely do not want to miss the exquisite sight of the flamingos standing here and there.

Also, De L’Ebre has the most beautiful sunset point in the whole country of Spain. The mellow, rich sun rays of the sunset will not only sooth your eyes but your soul too. And before you head back to Barcelona, do not forget to hit the small town nearby, Tortosa.

6. Tossa De Mar

If you are looking for a small beach town for day trips from Barcelona, Tossa De Mar will be the perfect choice for you. The small beach town, Tossa De Mar, is situated in the Catalonia region. It is 103 kilometres away from Barcelona and you can easily avail any transportation system from Barcelona to reach this place. Once a small fishing village, Tossa De Mar has become one of the best getaways for the tourists.

Apart from beaches, this small town is also famous for its medieval age castle standing in the coastal region. It is a perfect walled city with little medieval age European vibe. And once you are there, you cannot possibly miss the climbing session along the ancient 14th century wall of the city to grab a mesmerising view of the whole city, can you? Cala Pola and Platja des Codolar are two famous beaches of Tossa De Mar. And if you want, you can have your little camping adventure alongside the beaches too. The low-key day trip from Barcelona is absolutely a must-visit place.

7. Begur

Spain is famous for its medieval European tour and Begur is another addition to that list. The little historical town of Spain, Begur, is located in Costa Brava. Only 133 kilometres away from Barcelona, Begur is an excellent choice to have day trips from Barcelona to the nearest place. The whole town is crowded with old houses along with cobbled streets and hint of the medieval age Europe. Apart from that, the traditional shops and the restaurants of Begur are excellent place to taste the local’s choices in Spain.

And the charm of this town is hidden under the eight separate coves with its own beach. Aiguablava, Aiguafreda and Platja Fonda are three famous beaches of Begur to check in. In a nutshell, Begur is a quiet place to spend your day without any hustle-bustle.

8. Andorra

Andorra is one such place in Spain that might not be found in the pages of general tourist map. Just 200 kilometres away from the city of Barcelona, Andorra is country squeezed between Spain and France. Although it is not in Spain, still it is great place to have day trips from Barcelona as it is just a 2 hours drive away. Situated in the Pyrenees Mountain range, Andorra is surrounded by mountains and that enhances the beauty of it. It is a great place during the winter time when people often come here for skiing.

Also, it has many hiking trails as it is surrounded by mountain ranges. For adventurous souls, Andorra will be like a paradise. Not only that, but Andorra also has some good vineyards too. And not to forget, it has Europe’s largest spa in here. If you keep aside all the natural beauty factors of Andorra, the small town of Andorra is as fascinating as the mountains! There exist many great shopping stores, and you can spend whole day in shopping. Also, it has many traditional shops as well where you can get some desirable unique products of Andorra. In a nutshell, Andorra is like the box of Pandora– the keeper of everything!

9. Anoia

The country Spain is famous for its medieval age European culture preservation, and that could not be possible without preserving the ancient 12th-century monasteries. The Anoia region of Spain is such a small town that is all surrounded by some great monasteries. Just 40 minutes train journey away, Anoia is located in the region of Catalonia. The famous monastery of Anoia is the monastery of Montserrat. The big middle aged structure of this monastery is fascinating and the architecture excellence is something to be pondered about.

However, the monasteries are not the end of Anoia, rather it is just the start of it. As it is situated on top of a hill, Anoia has many hiking trails that will give your adventurous soul a little tickle. Not only that, but the greeneries and the lush forests of this place are picturesque and amazing. And another amazing thing of Anoia is the existence of a tiny village of Canaletes. The total population of this village is only 40 people and no public transport is available in there. Olive trees and vineyards are what keep this little village alive. From little village to River and Waterfalls, Anoia has lots to offer as a perfect holiday destination.

10. Blanes

Only 73 kilometres away from Barcelona, Blanes can be a perfect getaway if you want to get rid of the busy streets of Barcelona. Also, if you intend to have day trips from Barcelona, Blanes will perfectly fit the description. Located in Costa Brava, Blanes is a small beach town. The long coastlines of Blanes are something to cherish and every beach of Blanes is beautifully decorated by nature with big rocks. The big piece of rocks offers some great views of the Mediterranean Sea. Blanes is an ancient Roman city that was named Blanda in the past. Named as the ‘gateway to the Costa Brava’, the coastline of the long beaches of Blanes almost stretches out to France.

All the beaches of Blanes are surrounded by mountain ranges. It has other tourist attractions as well such as Botanical gardens, Coves etc. Cala Bona is one of such famous cove of Blanes. And another attraction of Blanes is the grand celebration with fireworks. It is usually celebrated during the 3rd or 4th week of July because of the Fiesta major festival.


Spain is one of such country that still preserves the ancient culture of Europe and the middle age European architectures. And all the day trips from Barcelona reflect that quality of medieval period except a few places. All the places listed above are within 2 or 3 hours drive away from the city of Barcelona. So, if you ever get bored of Barcelona, do not worry and add all these on your bucket list soon because there’s more to see other the Barcelona itself, no? Just get your boots on, grab your travel bag and go for some great day trips from Barcelona. Happy Travelling!


15 Things To Do in Nova Scotia

What Hampton does to the New Yorkers, Nova Scotia does to the Canadian; pushing little summer souls out of their regular box and encourage them to have fun. Whether you want to hear the whisperings of the little fishing boats or the cheering of the big waves, Nova Scotia is beautiful in its own way. Reportedly, the second smallest province, Nova Scotia is a Peninsula with nature embracing all the surroundings.

The geographical variance of Nova Scotia can amaze anyone with highlands in the north and the Atlantic Ocean in the southeast. With long coastlines dotted with coconut trees, sandy beaches and fishing harbours, Nova Scotia is something everyone loves to explore.

Since the days of old, a Nova Scotia hot sunny days work as a true novelty for every Canadian. The natural tanning and colour burn are the easy ways to spot out a Nova Scotia fan in days of summer. Also, a snowy skating morning during winter is a patented Nova Scotia scene.

In fact, Nova Scotia might be the second-smallest province in Canada, but it has so many options that will blow your mind. And if you do not know about the things to do in Nova Scotia, you are surely in need of reading this article as soon as possible. Don’t look up, just keep reading.

1 – Drive along Cabot Trail

The first thing to do in Nova Scotia is to drive along the beautiful highway of Cabot Trail. When the highest mountain of Nova Scotia meets the Gulf of St. Lawrence, it becomes a scenic beauty in itself. Located in Cape Breton, Cabot Trail driving ring is 300 kilometres long. During this long drive, you will get countless opportunities to click photos of the beaches, cliffs and many scenic viewpoints.

The whole picturesque journey could never justify without food and you will get plenty of Cape Breton’s island food restaurants on the way of your drive. Not only that, but it also picks many tourist attractions on the way too such as The Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Cape Breton’s Celtic music festival or Baddeck, the homeland of Alexander Graham. Along with winter activities, Cabot Trail can offer you many summer activities too such as Kayaking, hiking, horseback riding, whale watching etc. If you want to enjoy Cabot Trail in a full spirit, it would take at least 3 to 5 days to complete the whole long drive.

2 – Visit Peggy’s Cove

If you are a city dweller, I bet you have dreamed of owning a wood cabin in a serene village, at least for once. Nova Scotia will surely fulfil your dream in this way. If you are wondering about things to do in Nova Scotia, visiting Peggy’s Cove should be a priority. Peggy’ Cove is a small fishing village, situated about 43 kilometres away from the capital of Nova Scotia, Halifax.

It has a beautiful Atlantic foggy coast which will give you a feel of back in time with a mouth-watering lobster roll. Not only that, but this village is full of photogenic places such as the lighthouse. You can get the view of the whole village greeneries from the lighthouse.

Also, one historic event happened in this village once– in the September of 1998, a Swiss plane crashed here in the village and this incident killed almost 230 people. 2 peaceful days would be enough to embrace the charm of this beautiful place, Peggy’s Cove. Also, you can get your passport stamped with a little picture of lighthouse too!

3 – Camping time in Cape Breton

Camping is one of the best things that our school lives have ever given us isn’t it?  Even if you were one of those girls or boys who did not like spending night in a tent at all, you would too love this place– Camping in a Geodesic dome in the island of Cape Breton.

Near Boularderie Island in Cape Breton, you will find many geodesic domes which have been elevated on a strong wooden platform in between trees. You can rent Luna dome, Apple dome or the Eagle dome or any other dome of your liking. Spend one night and be a witness to a beautiful starry night and solar lighting. Along with you will be provided with many outdoor activities as well such as kayaking, canoeing etc. on near beaches.

4 – Trek to the top of the Citadel Hill

Why miss a trekking experience en route Nova Scotia when you can trek to the top of Citadel Hill and get a glimpse of the Citadel National Historic Site? From the top of the Citadel Hill, you can catch a glimpse of the whole city beneath.

Also, the famous Citadel National Historic Site is one of the famous tourist attractions of Nova Scotia and visiting this place should be on your list of things to do in Nova Scotia. This Historic Site was founded by a British during the 18th century. This is a strong fortress that was built for the purpose of defending any attack but it never seen one. The well-built architecture of this building is interesting to say the least. Also, while you trek, you can visit the ‘Old Town Clock’.

5 – Visit the Heritage UNESCO town Lunenburg

It is surprising how a town can be marked as a UNESCO Heritage Town, but Lunenburg has the unique title and rightly earned. The whole picturesque town is dotted with bright coloured heritage buildings which marked the cultural value of the community.

It does not matter what you do, whether you stroll along the streets or choose a fine dine for dinner time, you will be in awe of its charming glaze. But how can you enjoy the charm well? You can always taste their food on different restaurants and cafe and never forget to visit the fishing harbour. This place is famous for winning boat racing. In a nutshell, this place in Nova Scotia is something you should never miss.

6 – Capture the landscape of the Grand Pre

You might have felt serene and calm and it can never be defined. But after visiting the landscapist view of Grand Pre, you might be able to define it too. Another UNESCO Heritage Site in Nova Scotia, visiting Grand Pre should be everyone’s list of things to do in Nova Scotia.

The 5 square mile long landscape view of the Grand Pre, located in Annapolis Valley’s of Bay of Fundy, will give you a sense of pure bliss. You can catch the best glimpse of this landscape from View Park on Old Post Road. You can also visit the historic site of Grand Pre, which was founded during the 18th century. And if you want to complete the view, stop at Domaine De Grand Pre for wine tasting.

7 – Visit Shubenacadie Provincial Wildlife Park

For a quick fun day trip, visit Shubenacadie Provincial Wildlife Park which is just 40 kilometres away from Halifax. You will find different wild animals in here such as moose, foxes, beavers, wolves, black bears etc. Mainly, exotic breeds of wild animals are being preserved here. You can also avail a safari trip too.

8 – Go for rafting

Lots of people dreams of achieving the title of ‘done rafting’ through their whole life and Nova Scotia is a perfect place for gaining the experience. This is definitely one of the best things to do in Nova Scotia. The Nova Scotia tides cause 160 million tons of water flows through the Shubenacadie River, making it a perfect place for rafting aka Tidal Bore Rafting. A Mind-blowing experience that will make you go drenching your head to toe in the water. It has short trip of 2 hours and long trips of 31/2 or 4 hours.

9 – Take a ride through Kejimkujik National Park

On a trip to Nova Scotia, having a little detour to Kejimkujik National Park should be on your bucket list of things to do in Nova Scotia. This is Maritimes only inland national park. Along with mesmerising views, Kejimkujik national park is popular for its lakes and rivers. And if you are willing, you can have your own adventurous experience as well such as paddling, canoeing, following the hiking trails etc.

Not only that, but this national park also has an adjacent white sand beach. It is a perfect place to have your little private talk with the nature and find a gateway from the stressful life. And as a bonus, you can camp in here too.

10 – Enjoy the beaches of Crystal Crescent

Are you a white sand beach fan? If so, you will enjoy Nova Scotia’s Crystal Crescent Beach Provincial Park. Situated in Sambro Creek, this provincial park has three beautiful white sand beaches to have your little sunbath time.

You can have your little walk through the coastline too. Not only that, but this place also has a provision for hiking too, which is apparently 10 kilometres away from this point. Pennant Point is the trailhead, from where you can have a landscape view of the surroundings and also it is great place for bird watching as well.

11 – Walk on the Ocean Floor at Burntcoat Head Park

Talking about tide fluctuations, Nova Scotia might be one of the most amazing places to watch it happen. You will find some exciting marine life to watch on this ocean floor at Burntcoat Head Park. It is not every day that you get to watch the marine life closely, do you?

Thus a casual stroll on the ocean floor will surely open your eyes to a new venture at Burntcoat Head Park. From tiny crab to mussel, you will find every creature on this secret marine land, only you have to walk according to the guide’s direction. You can also have a fine dining experience on this ocean floor as well.

12 – Go Clamming in Nova Scotia

Have you ever thought of going for a clam digging? No? Well, this might be the time you should go. Nova Scotia’s Clam Harbour is a famous place for having some clam dug out. Get hold of your rubber boots and take the adventure of finding clams on the harbour. Not only you will gather information about clams but you will also learn how to use a clam fork to find a prize mollusc. It is exciting and educational at the same time. Apart from clam digging, you can enjoy a picnic day too at the Clam Harbour Provincial Park.

13 – Hikes along Cape Split

If you are willing to gather one memorable scene of tides breaking off the Bay of Fundy while climbing up a rocky edge, you should absolutely go for the hiking option along the Cape Split in Nova Scotia. The 16 kilometres long hiking trail is one of the best adventurous places ever. Also these cliffs do not have any fencing system which makes the wilderness of Cape Split even more exciting. The picturesque high point will surely mesmerize you.

14 – Another Camping Night At Broad Cave

Do you like camping by the beach or in the woods? It does not matter because when you are at Broad Cave, you will get the taste of both. The big wilderness of the woods by the side of beach is a place of fantasy to say the least. Also, this place is popular among young people as a great camping place during summers. Spend one night at Broad Cave, and you will perfectly understand the beauty of it.

15 – Visit a stunning waterfall

Waterfalls always have a different kind of beauty. And the bucket list of things to do in Nova Scotia cannot end without the presence of one waterfall. Situated along the North River of the South of St. Anne’s Harbour, this milky-white waterfall is stunning.


Though Nova Scotia is the second smallest province of Canada, the numbers of different activities in Nova Scotia is infinite. It takes at least a week to complete all these activities. And if you do not have seven days to spare in Nova Scotia, try to add some of the above activities on your bucket list of things to do in Nova Scotia. Or otherwise, it would be a tour in vain. Happy Travelling!


13 Must See Famous Statues Around The World

It’s an old saying that ‘History repeats itself’. And to track such repeating, history has made many statues around the world just to make us remind. From ancient Buddha Statues to the famous Statues of Liberty, Earth will never run out of big statues. And as day by day, the limit of such big statues are extending as well; someday it might reach the outer space too (pun intended). However, statues are not only that remarks of the historical events; rather it has given us a new perception of the human lives and the memoirs of it.

It has given a new facet to art, and famous statues are the language that flows through the veins of every sculptor artists throughout the world. The oldest statue in this world is known to be at least 40,000 years old, and the western style of the statues came from the ancient Greece.

Although it might not be possible to visit every greatest statue in this world, a bucket list of a few famous statues might cut it. And if you cannot decide on your own which famous statues to add to your list, here we are to help you out. We have enlisted 13 must-see famous statues around the world which will surely leave you in astonishment.

1 – Statue of Liberty, New York, United States

This number one Statue is a quite expected one– The Statue of Liberty. This colossal neoclassical statue, located on the Liberty Island, is one of the famous statues in the world. It is made of copper, and to the contrary to conventional belief, the origin of this statue lies in France. It was dedicated as a gift to the United States, for completing 100 years anniversary of signing United States Declaration, from the people of France on 28th October, 1886. It was designed by famous French sculptor Auguste Bartholdi and built by Gustave Eiffel. This robbed women’s status with a broken chain at her feet, became the statue of freedom and liberty. Also, the torch in the hand of the lady signals a welcoming gesture to all the immigrants who are coming from a foreign place.

2 – Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The 5th largest statue of the Jesus in the world is an absolute amazing thing to see in Brazil. Among all the famous statues, Christ the Redeemer should always get the second place. The statue is 98 feet tall, excluding the 27 feet tall pedestal. Not only, that but the arms of this statue also extended alone for 92 feet. This Art Deco Statue of Jesus Christ was designed by French Sculptor Paul Landowski and it was built by Brazilian engineer Albert Caquetá.  Located on the Corcovado Mountain, Christ the Redeemer is one of the famous statues in the Brazil and also in the world. It took almost 5 years to build this awesome creation– from 1926 to 1931.

3 – Moai, Easter Island

If the word sculpture and statue only reflects the image of well-polished smooth figures in your mind, you are absolutely mistaken and Moai is a fine example of that. Shaped out of solid rocks, the statues of Moai were built during the years of 1250 and 1500. These all are monolithic human figures which were built by the ancient Rapa Nui people. Almost all the statues of Moai have the same structure– an overly sized head, followed by a small body. The tallest statue among the alls is 33 feet tall and weighed 76 tonnes. And the heaviest one is a middle sized statue with 87 tonnes weight, but this one is an unfinished one. Moai has almost 1000 of gigantic statues which are famous across the world for the unusual shape and history.

4 – The Great Sphinx, Giza, Egypt

Being one of the eight wonders of the world, Egypt and pyramids has its hype and the Great Sphinx of Giza is hyped as one of the famous statues in the world. A mythical figure with a lion’s body and a human head, Sphinx of Giza is reportedly the largest monolith statue in the world. It is 242 feet long, 60 feet wide and has a height of 67 feet. Not only the largest monolith statue, but the Sphinx is also the oldest famous statues in the world that was built during 2558 to 2538 BC. Although according to Greek mythology a Sphinx should have a woman’s head with a human body and two wings, Sphinx of Giza does not have any wings. Situated on the west bank of the River Neil, the Sphinx symbolises wisdom and strength. Till date, no one get to know about the creator of this greatest sculpture in the world.

5 – Manneken Pis, Belgium

There exist many famous statues in different corners of the world, but no other statue can hold such amount of humour as the one that has been inscribed in the city of Belgium. A little bronze statue of the late 15th century, this is a statue of a little boy who is urinating in a basin. Ever since this basin has served the purpose of drinking water! Built by famous sculptor, Hieronimus Duquesnoy the Elder, Manneken Pis of Belgium is only 61 cm tall. Although many people would find it humorous, this bronze statue was inscribed in order to symbolise the rebellious spirit of the city Brussels. Currently, this statue of Manneken Pis is dressed in different costumes for different festivals.

6 – David Statue, Italy

Italy is home to many famous statues and many great sculptors. And one of its famous statues is the Statue of David. It is male statue in a condition of nudity. This 18 feet tall statue represents the biblical hero of the ancient times, David. It is regarded as a masterpiece creation of the Renaissance sculpture created during 1501 to 1504 by Michelangelo. At first this statue was supposed to be established at the end of the Florence Cathedral’s rooftop. However, later it was moved to the Galleria dell’Accademia of Florence during late 19th century. Apart from representing the ancient biblical hero David, this statue also symbolises defence of civil liberties. Recently, the original sculpture has been replaced by an exact replica of this masterpiece.

7 – Venus De Milo, Paris

Paris, the city of love and romance, does not only showcase love but the history of it as well. Talking about statues, Paris has a great deal of them and one of the famous statues of Paris is the Venus De Milo Statues. Also called as the Aphrodite of Milos by the Greek, this masterpiece is Grecian by origin and it was built during 100 BC. As inscribed on the plinth of this statue, the sculptor of this great masterpiece was Alexandros of Antioch. This statue is believed to be of Aphrodite, the ancient Greek Goddess of love and beauty. The statue was found in the year of 1820 on the island of Milos by the great navy man Olivier Voutier. It was found in broken parts and later it was attached. However, the hands of this sculpture have never been found. Currently, it rests in the Louvre Museum in Paris.

8 – Olmec colossal heads, Mexico

Moving to the civilised sculptors to the uncivilised one– the Olmec Colossal Heads statue of Mexico! One of the great aspects of the Olmecs was that they used big helmets to protect their heads from unseen attacks and no two helmets of rulers were alike. The Olmec Colossal Heads statue nurtures the Olmec culture and it is assumed that this statue was built during 1400 to 400 BC. These head statue portrayed the rulers of the Olmec. Altogether 17 heads were found from the pre-Colombian era and they are all in the range of 3.4 m to 1.7 m.

9 – The Little Mermaid, Denmark

As a child, everyone has heard of the fairytale of little mermaid, no? Well, Denmark has a sad bronze statue of such little mermaid, sitting on a rick, probably waiting for someone. Since 1913, this bronze statue has been a great tourist attractor. Not only that, but this bronze statue has been subjected of much political vandalism through years. Built by Edvard Erikson, this mermaid statue is of 4 feet height only. Nowadays, the statue of this little mermaid does not only represent a great tourist spot only, but it also depicts the city symbol as well.

10 – The Thinker, France

As I said earlier that France is the home of many great statues and sculptures, another such great masterpiece should definitely come into the limelite– The Thinker. Built by the great sculptor Auguste Rodin, this statue was formerly known as The Poet. However, later this 186 centimetre tall statue was named as ‘The Thinker’. The nature of this bronze statue depicts as the statue was lost in his deep thoughts and often this statue represents philosophy. The statue is of a nude male with resting his chin on one of his hands. It is one of the best creations of all the time.

11 – The Motherland Calls, Volgograd, Russia

Since the ancient times, statues and sculptures have always been linked to religion in one way or other. However, the largest statue of the world, the Motherland Calls of Russia is an exception to that case. It is situated in the city of Volgograd, Russia. Formerly, Volgograd was named as Stalingrad and this statue was made in memoirs of the great Stalingrad war. With a sword in the right hand, this statue is calling all the people of Stalingrad with the left hand to fight for their motherland. It has been declared as the largest statue of the world without any kind of religious link. It is 279 feet tall with 200 steps at its pedestal; the steps represents for how many days the battle was fought. The artistic subtleness and engineering skill of this statue will surely leave you mesmerized.

12 – Terrace of the Lions, Delos

Whether it is art or anything else, ancient Greece nurtured them all. The island of Delos is one of the most important mythological, historical and archaeological sites in the country Greece. According to the Olympian Greek mythology, Delos is the birthplace of Apollo and Athena. And the Terrace of the Lions was dedicated to Apollo by the people of Naxos and it was built during the 600 BC. Originally, it had 9 to 12 marble lions that enhanced the elegance of this island. However, currently only 5 of those Lions statues are standing perfectly. To protect them perfectly, the original Lions statues has been moved to the museum of the Delos in the year of 1999.

13 – Leshan Giant Buddha, China

There are many Giant Buddha statues scattered through the world, however the one in the China is the biggest one. The Leshan Giant Buddha of China is 233 feet long. It was built during the Tang Dynasty and this statue depicts Maitreyi. It is one of the famous statues of the world and it is located at the confluence of three great rivers namely Minjiang, Dadu and Quingyi. It is stone sculpture with rivers flowing down its feet. It was built during 713 to 803 BC. The whole construction process was led by a Chinese monk Hai Tang. It is the first pre-modern era of the statues in the world.


It is a matter of astonishment, how all these big statues and sculptures were made in a world where there were no modern appliances, machines and gadgets. Yet, all these famous statues are standing perfectly, bearing all the natural calamities that have hit them. Not only as historical, but all these great statues reveal a new facet of the science as well, and it makes us think, whether all the new inventions were already known by our ancestors. And you will not believe all these words until and unless you visit all these great statues with your own eyes. Happy Travelling and visiting!


10 Must See German Castles of All The Time

History is a complicated thing. Historical facts show us many things. While it shows us the different lifestyles of the middle-east people, it also shows us the luxurious lifestyle of the middle Europe as well. And from such intimate historical observation, it is easy to detect that the continent Europe has a greatest historical medieval age architectural stuff that no other continents ever have, no? And castles are just one of them. And out of all the European country, Germany has the most beautiful collection of castles of all the time. From great defensive German castles to those castles which come from straight out of the fairy tale; German Castles can surely cast a spell on you with its rows of the castle.

And if you have been a homesick person till now, I bet this is the time to get out of your nest and see the world. And nothing can be better than starting your tour of the Europe with the must-seen German castles, no? You might probably get confused about the historical information and end up choosing the wrong castles; thus we have arranged a little something of a list that will guide you through the maze of German castles. Here, let us have a look at the list of 10 must see German castles of all the time.

1 – Neuschwanstein Castle

Harry Potter fan or not, the first castle of this list will surely steal your breath away with such awful resemblance with the Hogwarts. Although most of the German castles of medieval age have been made for the purpose of defence, Neuschwanstein Castle was not. This 19th century concrete castle was built as a fanciful retreat for Ludwig II of Bavaria.

Located in Bavaria, Germany; this castle is situated near the village of Fussen. It was built during the late 1800s’. The castle is beautiful and mesmerizing, to say the least. Not only that, but this beautiful castle has also influenced Walt Disney to draw the castle of the sleeping beauty in a similar way.

Apart from the excellent architectures and the beautiful exteriors, it is one of the best German Castles which is decorated in such as fancy way. Chandeliers and beautiful paintings adorn every room of this big castle while the third floor of this castle is decorated with swan scenes from operas by Richard Wagner, whom Ludwig admired deeply. Apparently, each year more than 1.3 million people come to visit this beautiful castle in Germany.

2 – Hohenzollern Castle

A medieval age European castle can be a dull affair, can it? I suppose that is a no. At least you cannot say that to the current watch– the beautiful Hohenzollern Castle. Located on the top of Mount Hohenzollern, this castle is another breathtaking beauty of the Germany.

Among all the German castles, this castle is one of the most visited castles in the world. The main castle was built during the 11th century by the House of Hohenzollern. Although, the main fort building was completely destroyed after it came under a siege by the free Imperial cities of Swabia.

The whole castle became ruins of bricks overnight, leaving only a chapel behind. However, the recent red sandstone castle was rebuilt in the 19th century by King Fredrick William IV of Prussia. However, presently the castle is just a museum like any other castles in Germany.

The museum of this castle is filled with treasures such as crowns worn by the Prussian King or the clothes worn by them etc. Though it is a privately owned castle in Germany, it is the second most visited castle in Germany of all the time. Apparently, about 300,000 visitors pay a visit to this place in a year.

3 – Burg Eltz

All the German castles have a typical medieval age shape and style, and the Burg Eltz castle is no exception at all. Situated near the River of Moselle between Trier and Koblenz, this stone castle is another beauty in the woods.

Surprisingly and unlikely other German Castles, this castle is still owned by the Eltz family even after 33 generations. In the past days, this big castle has been the home to Rübenach, Kempenich and Rodendorf families since it was built during the 12th century.

Although it is a defensive castle in Germany, it has never been touched by a war. This fact reveals the preservation of the medieval age architecture and uniqueness of this castle. The armory of Eltz, filled with gold and silver artefacts, is considered to be one of the best in the whole Europe.

Not only that, but this castle also shows some original furnishing from the days of the past still! Once you are here, you will always feel like going back in time. The castle’s exterior was featured in a movie called the ‘The Ninth Configuration’.

4 – Hohenschwangau Castle

The history of Hohenschwangau Castle is a different one. During the reign of the Maximillian II, the father of Ludwig II, this fort was discovered by the Maximillion while it was in its ruins back then. He renovated the whole fort during the 19th century and made it another picturesque castle of the Germany.

It is said that Ludwig’s whole childhood has been spent in this castle alone. At first, Maximillion renovated and used this place as a hunting lodge and a summer gateway only. This yellow coloured fort is located near the Hohenschwangau village of Bavaria, Germany.

This fort’s location is almost on the border of Austria. Standing head high on a mountain near Bavaria, this castle has breathtaking landscape view from the top. Also, during the lifetime of the Ludwig, this fort never came under any siege or war.

After Maximillion died, Ludwig gave this fort to her mother and as Ludwig stayed unmarried; his mother was in possession of this castle till the date she died. Now this castle is open for public and each year many people pay a visit to this beautiful castle.

5 – Heidelberg Castle

It is true that the country Germany has a rough historical journey in her pocket but the medieval age castles are not one of them. This castle reflects the Renaissance structure, and it was built during the end of the 13th century.

Located on the hilltop of Alps, this fort has a height of 260 feet. It mostly dominates the old centre of Heidelberg. Although the main castle was built during the end of 13th century, it has been gone through many history of demolition.

It was completely destroyed during the 30 years of war and later by the attacks of the French in the 17th century; this castle was completely rebuilt by the end of the 17th century. The architectural excellence of this castle is mesmerizing and the different styles of architecture due to the rebuilding process have only enhanced the charm of this building.

Again in 1764, some parts of the fort were destroyed due to a lightning-bolt. In the course of this long history, many famous kings and queens lived inside this castle such as Fredrick V, Elizabeth Charlotte, Charles De Graimberg and many more.

6 – Schwerin Castle

Have you ever dreamt of living in a castle which is an island in itself? I bet you have! The Schwerin Castle can just be the replica of the childhood obsessions we ever had. Built during the 10th century of the medieval age, Schwerin Castle is situated on an island in the main lake of Schwerin. It is beautiful and amazing to its exterior and its interior as well.

For many centuries, this castle was the home of the Dukes of Mecklenburg. Surrounded by many sharp towers, this castle reflects the perfect middle age European architecture. However, in the 20th century, this castle was turned into a college for Kindergarten teachers. But recently, this castle is preserving its ancient authority by being a museum only.

Also, it serves as a Governmental building for the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern state parliament too. Apart from all these glorious events, this place is reportedly haunted too. Sometimes visitors can spot the ghost of Petermännchen, once a resident of this place who appears wearing a 17th-century gown. It is one of the most visited German castles.

7 – Lichtenstein Castle

Although it is not one of the oldest castles of Germany, Lichtenstein Castle adapts well to the medieval architectural excellence. Among many German castles, Lichtenstein Castle is one such castle that will give you the creeps by the exterior looks only.

Located near Swabian Alps near Honau, this castle sits on a hilltop and it is connected to the mainland by an accessible stone bridge of the 19th century. This castle was built during 19th century, in order to honour the medieval knights of the Lichtenstein. But the 19th century castle is actually a re-modification of a 12th century castle which was almost in its ruins. The neo-gothic styling architecture of this castle has made this castle one of the most visited German castles.

8 – Wartburg

If you are looking for a castle that has many historical events associated with it, Wartburg castle is one of them. Originally built in the 11th century, this castle’s historical events date back to the 16th century.

Situated in the state of Thuringia, this castle is precisely located on the southeast of Eisenach. During the 16th century, Martin Luther hid out in this castle and translated the Bible. Again in the 20th century, Adolf Hitler pressurised this castle to take down the cross sign and replace it with a Swastika sign. It is regarded as one of the best preserved castle of the medieval age which is now open for public. And if you want, you can follow the hiking trail to the castle.

9 – Mespelbrunn Castle

Although this castle lacks the look of the typical castle look, Mesperbrunn castle is one of the oldest German castles. During the 15th century, this castle was started only as a house built on the water by a knight. But after a while it turned out to be a little castle on water and it makes the loveliest German castles of all the time.

It is situated within the Spessart forest between Wurzburg and Frankfurt and the location provides a blissful charm to this little castle. Not only the loveliest, but this castle is also one of the most visited German castles too. Currently, this castle is privately owned but the owners have opened the door of this castle for everyone.

10 – Reichsburg Cochem Castle

Reichsburg Cochem Castle is one of the oldest castles in Germany, built in the year of 1000 BC by Palatinate count. However, that ancient structure of this castle did not stay long after many attacks and wars. It was nearly destroyed during the 17th century when French King Louise XIV invaded this region of the Germany.

However, again during the end of the 18th century this castle was re-modified. Surrounded by sharp looking towers, this castle has a neo-gothic approach to its architecture and it also adopts the architecture of the medieval age. It is situated by the River of Moselle and sits on a hilltop. Apart from all these historical facts, this castle has an impressive display of the Renaissance and baroque furniture. In a nutshell, it is one of the oldest and most-visited German castles of all the time.


No castle ever has been built over a year or two. Every castle has their own history of demolition and creation, and those are the stories that make a castle one of the greatest. Germany is one such country in Europe that is very prone to foreign attacks, and it has always been attacked by many rulers of other countries from time to time. Thus every castle of Germany went through the attacks, and that is what makes all the German castles a must-see. If you are an enthusiastic traveller who has not yet seen the beautiful and breathtaking German castles, I bet this is the time to know the unknown. Follow the list and get all these castles in your bucket list soon. Happy Travelling!


15 best places to visit in North Goa

People, who have not visited Goa yet, cannot differentiate much between North and South Goa. And before you hit the ‘Go’ button to Goa, let me tell you that North Goa is always the way of having the ultimate fun. Although there are some great places in South Goa, it still is in the process of nurturing. North Goa is crowded, but still, it has all the famous places to visit. From famous beaches to historical places, North or the Old Goa is the place where you have to spend 70% of your ‘Goa’ time.

The vibrant, lively and colourful North Goa is the place where the soul of Goa rests, and if you want to experience the ‘Goan’ life, there cannot be any better option than the Old North Goa. In short, North Goa can be called the heaven of sundowners. It has everything to make your holiday just perfect– great beaches to enjoy beach parties and beach shack, churches and temples to give your mind the peace of worship and old ruins of forts to treat you with some historical facets of Goa. It is true that people always have the craze of visiting Goa, but how many of you know well about Goa, especially the North Goa? And have you made the list of places to visit in North Goa yet? Well, keep reading to reveal more about the ‘City of beaches’.

1. Aguada Beach

The first and the foremost attraction of the North Goa is the beaches, and Aguada Beach has to be mentioned first in this list. Along with the ruins of red breaks of the Aguada Fort, Aguada Beach is the perfect combination of serene and wilderness along with a tinge of historical drama. This beach is famous for family vacations, and also it earns its name for the romantic evening strolls along with the oceanic vibe, touching your feet. And, never forget the sunset; a scenic beauty it is!

If you can forget all about the serene calm nature, you will explore the wild side of this beach– the water sports. From surfing to paragliding, Aguada Beach is stuffed with all kinds of flavours. Also, you can spend your lazy evening hanging out in the cafe nearby, getting a good massage. And if you want to indulge a little more into the luxury, check out the Aguada resort nearby.

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2. Baga Beach

Baga Beach in the North Goa is the ultimate destination to enjoy a hippie night. This beach is always crowed, bustling with noises. Situated at the end of the Calangute stretch, Baga Beach has lots to offer in terms of fun and enjoyment. From overnight themed beach parties to nightclubs at Tito’s lane, Baga Beach is the perfect excuse to give your wild soul a little tickling.

Apart from the night hustle, you can enjoy a great sunbathing daytime at Baga Beach anytime. Also, water sports are a major event here. You can always check out the line of motorboats attached to paragliders. And you cannot ever miss out the food at the shacks nearby. The seafood in Baga Beach is to die for.

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3. Calangute Beach

Another ‘Legendary’ beach at the queue of beaches in North Goa is Calangute. Officially speaking, Calangute is the continuous part of Baga Beach; even the locals cannot spot out the separation point between these two beaches. Apart from a wild nightlife, Calangute beach is well-known for its adventurous spirit. From speedboat safari to paragliding, Calangute is enjoyable at day and night.

Also, Calangute has a hidden side too– the picturesque sunset! Many photographers around the world crave to get a glimpse of this beautiful sunset here. For a neater and cleaner relaxing holiday, you can always opt for the beach shacks and fancy restaurants that are famous for the delicious seafood. And if you are a woman, it would be real hard to miss the market around the corner of Calangute.

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4. Chapora Fort

The ruins of the great fort and the adjacent view of the Chapora Beach are two main factors that work magically in the case of Chapora Fort. Built in the 17th century, the Chapora fort was once the watch post for the border. The Portuguese almost ruled this fort for more than 150 years. Although the whole fort is in ruins nowadays, that does not dilute the point of the historical importance of this place. Especially, the two tunnels that served as the emergency exit for the Portuguese people is still a show in itself.

Apart from the beautification of these ruins, you can grab the scenic beauty from the rooftop of this fort. The backdrop is a perfect photogenic place, and many photographers adore this view from the Chapora Fort.

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5. Dona Paula

Largely recognised as the home of National Institute of Oceanography, Dona Paula is the adventurous gateway for the tourists. This beach is famous for its paragliding and many other water sports adventures. Also, the oceanic view of Dona Paula is something to treasure with your eyes. It can be a little crowded, but in the night this beach becomes the most romantic sea beach in whole Goa.

Also, this is one of the places to visit in North Goa to experience the beautification of the suburbs of the Panaji and also to enjoy the little monumental structures of this beach. Also, the hammer shape of this beach is one fun fact of Dona Paula.

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6. Goa State Museum

Museums can be boring considering the fact that it showcases and describes historical facts and events. But without paying a visit to the Goa State Museum, you cannot never really explore the beauty of North Goa. Goa Museum is state’s archaeology museum, and it is a well-maintained place. It showcases the rich history and culture of Goa upon which the modern Goa is based. The Museum has a stunning collection of relics, wood made items, manuscripts, artworks, etc. It has almost eight thousand relics, unusual silver coins which were quite common during the colonial period, numismatic section, manuscripts and anthropological centre. It has many Hindu and Jain relics as well.

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7. Mangueshi Temple

The next stop on the list of places to visit in North Goa would be one gorgeous temple to have a little act of worship. Situated in Priol, this temple is 465 years old and worships Lord Shiva. This temple is an exclusive artwork of Goan-Indian architectural work, and it consists of many domes and balustrades. The oldest part of this temple is a water tank which is still in use.

Many annual festivals are being held in this temple such as Rama Navami, Akshay Tritiya, Anant Vritotsava, Navaratri, Dussehra, Diwali, etc. This place opens at 10:30 am and closes at 5 pm. It is one peaceful place in Goa to visit.

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8. Arvelam Waterfalls

Enough of beaches and heritage structures! If you want to add something unique to your list of places to visit in North Goa, nothing could be better than the Arvelam Waterfalls. Situated in Sanquelim, Arvelam Waterfalls is the perfect photogenic place. It is located near Bicholim, and you can easily avail any transportation system from the city of Bicholim. Although this waterfall only comes to life during the monsoon season, this place is one beauty to die for. Also, you can visit the Rudreshwar Temple nearby this waterfall.

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9. Anjuna Beach Flea Market

Anjuna beach is one of the most famous places in the whole North Goa. But the adjacent market of Anjuna is even more famous. This flea market is a place for locals to shop that largely includes the act of bargaining. So, if you are a shopaholic, you can get many products at very low price at this flea market. But remember, this is a Wednesday market!

Evolved around the 60s’, during the hippie regime, Anjuna Beach Flea market is still kicking like a fashion street. From fashionable clothes to beautiful artefacts, Anjuna Beach market is a place that is hard to miss. Also, if you want to enjoy some authentic Goan food, nothing could be ever better than this market.

10. Mapusa

Mapusa is another largest town situated in the North Goa. It is a hub for travellers and locals too. The most famous place of Mapusa is the Mapusa market which is summoned every Friday. It does not have many side seeing attractions, but it has a fair number of worship places and monuments too. Some of the attractions are Shree Dev Sansthan, Church of Our Lady Miracles, Maruti Temple, many municipal buildings of the colonial era, etc.

11. Vagator Beach

The ‘Sunburn’ beach! Vagator of North Goa is mostly famous for its nightlife and beach parties. And when the month of Christmas begins, everyone roots for the famous ‘Sunburn’ music festival. This beach can safely be termed as the religious place for party people. From midnight beach parties to drum music session, Vagator Beach is a witness of many crazy things.

Apart from the parties, this beach has a distinct scenic beauty that no other beach in North Goa can offer. The red cliff around the corner of this beach enhances the natural beauty of it. The beach is divided into many parts such as North Vagator Beach, Little Vagator Beach, etc. People mostly visit this place for the famous rave culture.

12. The Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception

The first ever church of Goa, The Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception, is a 16th-century architecture is one of the famous tourist places to visit in North Goa. The holder of much simple architecture, this church has two altars. During the 17th century, the first ever church has been gone through many renovations. The calm and serene place has a spellbound effect on the visitors, and your North Goa trip is always incomplete unless and until you pay a visit to this church because it is the root of North Goa.

13. Curlies

If you are in search of one of the happening beach shacks in North Goa, everyone will guide you to the Curlies at Anjuna Beach. One of the famous and most happening shacks ever in Goa, Curlies is the perfect place to lose your inner beast side a little bit. Started as a small beach shack, the Curlies has become now a two-floor restaurant complex with many facilities such as bars, internet cafes, tea house, sea-view veranda and much more. Many water sports such as kayaking, dolphin trip, parasailing, fishing trips, etc. are being conducted from this shack. Also, once you taste the seafood of this place, you will never be able to forget it.

14. Bicholim

Apart from the waterfalls mentioned above, Bicholim is a famous tourist destination with many scenic places on its list. Bicholim is quite an off-beat place to visit in North Goa; However, it always worth a shot. The Mayem Lake in Bicholim city is mesmerising, and it is surrounded by beautiful cashew trees. Not only that, but Bicholim also is a place full of sleepy villages. So, if you are in search of a serene place that will boast your inner peace, Bicholim is the ideal place. Also, it has many old Hindu temples such as Saptokoteshwar Temple, etc. The best way to reach Bicholim is to take a ferry from Ribander to Chorao.

15. Arambol Beach

If you are talking about places to visit in North Goa, Arambol will always make to the list as the budget place in Goa ever. Formerly known as the ‘Home of Hippies’, Arambol Beach is often a crowded place with many cool parties going on. Thus it is a great place to relief your party mode.

Apart from that, Arambol has a great sand beach to have your little sun bath party too. From water sports to great seafood at the beach shacks, Arambol welcomes all and every kind of travellers. And for a more luxurious experience, you can check out the expensive resorts here.


North Goa is the heart of this puny state and all the attractions that make Goa ‘the Goa’ are here. There are many great places to visit in North Goa, but these 15 are the most desirable ones. At any cost, you cannot miss the above list whenever you are in the North Goa. Happy Travelling!

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Best Places to Visit in Goa in 3 Days

Whenever you try to plan any vacation with your friends, Goa is the first name that comes up every time, no? You can love Goa, you can hate Goa, but you can never underestimate the power of it. It attracts tourist from everywhere around the world like insects, irrespective of the season. All we hear about Goa is how great the beach life is. But is Goa all about the beaches? No! Surely the tons of beaches scattered through the North and South Goa forms a part of this place, but this is not it. Apart from all the beach hypes, Goa has lots of history under her veil. The churches, ruins of forts testify the history of this place.

So, if you are planning for a weekend gateway of 3 days only, Goa can give you the perfect result, if planned accurately. Three days are quite a tight schedule, and thus most of the beaches have to be left behind. However, from economic tour to shopping and roaming around the history, Goa is a perfect place to have your little own relaxing time. So, do not scratch your head in confusion anymore and let us plan, now!

Here we will list out the possible best places to visit in Goa in 3 days. Have a look.

1. Mangeshi Temple

Although Goa is mostly occupied with Christian and Portuguese people, the existence of temples calls for a historical flashback before the colonial period. Located in Ponda, the surrounding of Mangeshi temple is beautiful. The architecture of this temple gives the idea of Hindu-Goan architectural speculations.

This temple is just 21 km away from Panaji, and you can easily avail any car to reach this place. This temple is one of the largest and the most frequently visited places in Goa. Among many places to visit in Goa in 3 days, Mangeshi temple should top the list because of the ancient history attached to it. Also, this place is the birthplace of the famous singers Lata and Asha Mangeshkar.

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2. Sahakari Spice Farm

Probably the most underrated place in Goa of all the time, Sahakari Spice Farm can give you a different taste of Goa, somewhat unexpected as well. Also located in Ponda, Sahakari Spice Farm will give you a trip through different spices of Goa. Along with foreigners, Indians can also enjoy this little trip to their food habit in a short span of time. Cloves, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cardamom, Curry, leaves– you will be given brief descriptions about each spice in here.

And if the descriptions of spices don’t excite you, the ‘bathe elephant’ opportunity will surely will. Yes, you can bathe elephants here, and you can take a shower with the wild animal too. For a tight schedule, this visit surely makes to the list of places to visit in Goa in 3 days. Also, you can have lunch at the end of the tour to treat yourself with.

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3. St. Francis Xavier’s Tomb

If you love to reminiscence through the history, a visit to the tomb of St. Francis Xavier will surely excite you. A UNESCO world heritage site, this tomb of St. Francis Xavier is located in the Old Goa. The Basilica of Bom Jesus is an eye-pleasing 16th-century architecture where the mortals of St. Francis Xavier have been buried. This Basilica is considered to be one of the best examples of Baroque Architecture in India and thus it qualifies to be one of the best places to visit in Goa in 3 days.

This tomb is more than 450 years of old, and it is open to public every day. Only once in 10 years, the tomb of St. Francis Xavier’s tomb opens to the public. Photography is permitted inside the Basilica.

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4. Mapusa Friday Bazar

A 3 days visit to Goa can never be completed without a visit to its famous marketplaces, and Mapusa Friday Bazar is one of them. Located in North Goa, Panjim, Mapusa is a crowded marketplace to grab the experience of being a local in the fantasised Goa. You can also get various local products at a very affordable price here. The bustling noises and the vibrant atmosphere of this place will make you remember the Indian origin of Goa (pun intended!). You will need at least 2 or 3 hours to cover the whole market. Also, this is a Friday bazaar, so adjust your travel plans accordingly.

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5. Reis Mogos Fort

Built by Portuguese Viceroy Alfonso De Noronha in the 16th century, Reis Mogos fort is one of the most visited tourist places in Goa of all time. It is located 7 kilometres away from Panjim. It is precisely located on the northern bank of River Mandovi. Regarded as one of the heritage sites of Goa, this fort holds lots of history of the 17th century against the Marathas. Originally it was built by Adil Shah, and again it was rebuilt by the Portuguese Viceroy. Keeping in mind all the historical facts, this fort is one of the best places to visit in Goa in 3 days.

After visiting the ruins of this 16th-century fort, you can visit the Reis Mogos church as well. Every day it remains open from 10:30 am to 5:00 pm. It takes more or less 1 hour to visit this place.

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6. Aguada Fort

Situated at a distance of 15 kilometres from Panjim, Aguada Fort is another heritage site of Goa. This fort was built by the Portuguese colonial ruler during the 17th century to prevent the entry of big ships in the River Mandovi. The heart of this fort is guarded by 200 cannons and a dry moat. The name Aguada means ‘Water’.

Later during the 19th century, central jail and a lighthouse were built in this fort by the British and currently it serves as a central jail of Goa as well. This fort is open to the public from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm all day. A leisure time of 2 hours is enough to visit this fort.

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7. Chapora Fort

Situated at 19 kilometres away from Panjim, the Chapora fort is one of the famous tourist spots in Goa. In the place of this fort, there existed another fort built by Adil Shah. The Portuguese destroyed that previous fort and this Chapora fort was built in order to keep Indian Hindu conquerors in check. Made of red laterite stones, this fort is in ruins nowadays and has steep staircases. This fort still can give you the Goosebumps of the historical tales.

Chapora fort does not have any particular entry fee, and it remains open from 6 am to 7 pm. It takes less than 1 hour to visit this place. Also, Chapora fort includes a visit to the Chapora beach as well. So, among many places to visit in Goa in 3 days, never forget to visit Chapora fort.

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8. Calangute Beach

Although a 3 days Goa schedule can prove to be quite tight, you cannot altogether exclude the experience of the beach life. At a distance of 14 km from Panjim, the Calangute Beach will treat you with the perfect scenic beauty. It is called the ‘Queen of Beaches’. Mostly, it is a hippie’s beach, and you can experience the hippie culture up here if you stay the whole night. The sea is quite rough here, but the mesmerising sunset and sunrise are worth a shot. Also, among all the busy schedule of hopping from one place to another, Calangute can be the relaxing gateway of your short trip.

[tp_hotels_selections_discount_shortcodes city=”23802″ title=”Hotels in Calangute” paginate=true off_title=false type_selections=”popularity” number_results=”20″ subid=”” city_label=”Goa” type_selections_label=”Popularity” link_without_dates=false]

9. Vagator Beach

Just like Calangute, Vagator is another famous beach of Goa to relax and have fun together. The nightlife of Vagator is amazing, but the daytime will not disappoint you either. It is just 19 kilometres away from Panjim. It is one of the longest beaches of Goa. After visiting Chapora or Aguada fort, you can easily visit Vagator beach because it is just a few kilometres away. Also, it offers you with a great nightlife along with nightclubs and the ooze of the ‘Sunburn’ festival’. It depends on you and your schedule how much time you will spend in here.

[tp_hotels_selections_discount_shortcodes city=”146521″ title=”Hotels in Vagator” paginate=true off_title=false type_selections=”popularity” number_results=”20″ subid=”” city_label=”Goa” type_selections_label=”Popularity” link_without_dates=false]

10. Anjuna Market and Anjuna Beach

Although both these places are adjacent to each other, both need much time to visit and enjoy. So, if you are going to enjoy the two at a time, it will take a day of your trip. However, Anjuna Beach is one of the famous beaches in Goa, and it is mostly famous for its lively nightlife. Beach parties and nightclubs are the reason many youths visit Anjuna beach 3 to 4 times a year. Also, the scenic beauty of Anjuna is spectacular too. The sunset of this place will give you some serious photography tickling.

Anjuna market situated just beside Anjuna beach, and this place is a heaven for every shopaholic. It is huge, bustling and vibrant with the crowd. A favourite place for anyone who loves bargaining, Anjuna market can get you many local products at a very low price.  Also, this place is good for window shopping as well. And it is better to visit this place in the morning to avoid the crazy afternoon rush.

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11. Se Cathedral

Goa is a place overloaded with churches, and Se Cathedral is one of the famous churches in Goa. Just 9 kilometres away from Panjim, Se Cathedral is considered to be one of the largest churches in Asia. Allegedly, this church was built during the reign of King Dom Sebastiao during the 16th century. It is dedicated to St. Catherine. This big monument of the 16th century took almost 100 years to be finished properly.

The architecture of this church is fascinating; it is a combination of Gothic-Portuguese. While the interior of this church resembles Corinthian, the exterior is Tuscan. The main attractions of this church are 15 alters. This place is near the Basilica of Bom Jesus. It remains open from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm every day, and it takes more or less 30 minutes to 45 minutes to visit this place.

12. St. Augustine Tower

Another historical wonder of Goa is the St. Augustine Tower which is located at a distance of 8 kilometres from Panjim. Identified as the UNESCO world heritage site, St. Augustine Tower is the pride of Old Goa. The Church and Monastery of St. Augustine were built during the 17th century when 12 Augustines arrived in Goa. It took almost 40 years to complete this tower. However, after a ban was imposed on the Augustine by the Portuguese government, this place was deserted.

The bell tower of St. Augustine Tower can be seen from a distant, and that is the main attractions of this place. Among four towers, only one tower has survived. Once this was known as one of the greatest of three Augustine churches in Asia!

13. Dudhsagar Waterfall

If you are tired of visiting beaches and forts in Goa, a visit to Dudhsagar Waterfall can be a real treat to your eyes and mind. This four tiered waterfall is located on Mandovi River in Goa. It is one of the largest waterfalls of India, and it is situated inside the Bhagwan Mahabir Sanctuary. The waterfall’s water seems like white as milk, and thus it acquired the name ‘Dudhsagar’. The site of this waterfall is mesmerising. Couple it with the mythical tale and you will find yourself in the land of a fairy tale.

It takes more or less 2 hours to visit this waterfall. You can avail jeep ride to waterfall easily from the sanctuary.

14. Club Cubana

If you want to let loose yourself a bit in the trip of 3 days to Goa, Club Cubana can be the perfect destination. A 30-minute drive from the Fort Aguada, Club Cubana is situated on a nearby hill, and it can give you a spectacular view of the city as well. Not only that, but Club Cubana has been marked as one of the best nightclubs in Goa. So drink, dance and live life!

15. Martins Corner

A Goa trip is always incomplete without tasting the good local food, especially the seafood. And there’s no other great place than Martins corner for a beginners guide to seafood. The ambience is cosy, and the seafood of this place is extremely mouth-watering. And the famous dish of this place is the lobster. Also, this place hosts karaoke nights which can never be missed.


Goa is a huge place to cover just in 3 days and thus the tips regarding places to visit in Goa in 3 days can be a hassle. But if you are indulging a 3 days trip to Goa, never risk missing these 15 places because the soul of Goa is hidden under these places. Happy Travelling!

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15 Best Beaches in Goa for Nightlife

Goa! I bet this name has always been glorified in our childhood slam books while we answered the one question, ‘Your dream destination?’ Goa is that part of India that makes us feel not quite like India. The name ‘Goa’ alone united many souls alone in school and college. And we all know the one thing Goa is famous for– the nightlife. Goa has the most charming and vibrant nightlife where 3 a.m. feels like just an evening. From wild parties to unlimited drinking games, Goa’s nightlife is something every boy in their youth lives for.

And if you think Goa nightlife is solely based on hopping from one nightclub to another, your information tub is an error 404! The magic element of Goa’s nightlife includes wilderness, and that cannot become true without an open beach party. The beaches of Goa will teach you how to go wild and pull a party with the sound of the serene ocean soothing your ears. Goa’s beach party cannot always be found due to weather problems but there are certainly some beaches where you can enjoy your heart out. Here, we are enlisting such 15 beaches of Goa for nightlife. Let us have a read.

1. Baga Beach

Baga is the name that echoes through the heart of every Goa-goer. Recommended by the locals and other travellers, Baga Beach is the place that is celebrated by the party animals. If you want nightlife, you can always go and get it at the famous and the best beach in Goa for nightlife i.e. the Baga Beach.

Well-known for the nightclubs, pubs, disco and the beach shacks, Baga Beach is also adjacent to the Tito’s lane where you can find Tito’s club group– one of the oldest and biggest nightclubs in Goa. It does not matter whether you are alone, couple or a group of friends, Baga Beach has all options open for you. There are many nightclubs to have an entry as a stag or group of friends or as a couple. Although the entry fees will drain your pocket out if you are a stag, there exist many alternatives at the famous Tito’s lane. Kamaki Nightclub and Cafe Mambo are two famous places for lone wolfs.

And if you are in Baga Beach for the festival of Christmas or New Year, open beach parties will show you what makes the word ‘legendary’. And once you’ve seen Baga, you can never unseen the Beach Shacks ever!

[tp_hotels_selections_discount_shortcodes city=”23797″ title=”Hotels in Baga” paginate=true off_title=false type_selections=”popularity” number_results=”20″ subid=”” city_label=”Baga” type_selections_label=”Popularity” link_without_dates=false]

2. Anjuna Beach

Talking about best beach in Goa for nightlife, Anjuna Beach can surely be regarded as the second best amongst this list of legendary beaches. Also known as the ‘Hippie Beach’, Anjuna beach is one of the famous beaches in Goa to have an open beach party. And apart from beach parties, there are many nightclubs to enjoy the whole night too.
Since the 1980s’, hippie people used to come to Anjuna beach to have a party and that tradition has become a culture in Anjuna. Club Cubana, UV Bar, Cafe Lilliput are some famous nightclubs near Anjuna where you can unleash the party beast inside you. And if you are looking for a beach shack to enjoy your night, Curlies beach shack joint in Anjuna is one of the most popular and the oldest beach shack in Goa. In a nutshell, from open themed beach party to nightclub hopping, Anjuna can tickle your little party soul like no other place in Goa.

[tp_hotels_selections_discount_shortcodes city=”23794″ title=”Hotels in Anjuna” paginate=true off_title=false type_selections=”popularity” number_results=”20″ subid=”” city_label=”Baga” type_selections_label=”Popularity” link_without_dates=false]

3. Calangute Beach

The clock of Calangute Beach always rotates in the opposite direction i.e. Calangute becomes lively only after the sun sets down. Along with the spectacular beauty and the charm, the Calangute Beach can take you to the heaven in a night alone. Water sport in the daytime and club hopping in the night, Calangute beach is the perfect gateway to the heaven. And just like a cherry on top, the night-time oceanic view of this beach will completely blow you away.
Regarded as the best beach in Goa for nightlife, Calangute stores more nightclubs than hotels. Cool Cat, Raylo’s Taverna, The Red Lion Pub, The Log Cabin, Pete’s Bar, Dinky’s Chris Greve– Calangute is the place to have wine and groove along the beats. Also, open beach parties are one of the main attractions in Calangute. Calangute is mostly famous for its cultural parties along with soothing music and dance shows.

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4. Vagator Beach

I bet, whenever someone utters the word ‘Sunburn’, you inevitably think of Goa. And if Goa’s nightlife is incomplete without ‘Sunburn’, it is incomplete without the Vagator Beach, where this festival is being held every year. It does not matter whether you are a music lover or not, Vagator beach will prove to be the best beach of Goa for nightlife after experiencing the ‘Sunburn’.

Also famous for the foreigner crowd, Vagator beach is famous for holding many popular nightclubs and pubs too. Located near Anjuna Beach, Vagator fetches many party animals because of the open beach party. Apart from beach parties, Clubs zero gravity, Nyex Beach Clubs, 9 Bar Club, etc. will give you the night flavour no other place can ever give you. Undoubtedly, Vagator makes its way to the list of best beaches in Goa without any hassle.

[tp_hotels_selections_discount_shortcodes city=”146521″ title=”Hotels in Vagator” paginate=true off_title=false type_selections=”popularity” number_results=”20″ subid=”” city_label=”Baga” type_selections_label=”Popularity” link_without_dates=false]

5. Palolem Beach

It does not matter whether you are a Goa lover or not; silent noise party is something the young generation is yet to explore. And if you are willing to have the experience, Goa’s Palolem Beach is the one and the only choice you have. Regarded as the Best Beach in Goa for nightlife, Palolem beach has become the new face for the party-goers because of the new craze for silent noise party.

Neptune point is just a walking distance from the Palolem Beach, and the availability of different DJs at this nightclub is overwhelming. You can get every kind of music here– from trance to hip-hops, the silent noise party of Neptune point is guaranteed to be the only reason to visit Palolem Beach anytime.

[tp_hotels_selections_discount_shortcodes city=”1505701″ title=”Hotels in Palolem” paginate=true off_title=false type_selections=”popularity” number_results=”20″ subid=”” city_label=”Baga” type_selections_label=”Popularity” link_without_dates=false]

6. Colva Beach

Situated in the South Goa, Colva beach is another attraction of Goa to experience the celebrated nightlife of Goa. From open beach party to beach shack and nightclubs, Colva can be the one perfect place to hang out with friends through the whole night.

The Gatsby Pub, Club Margarita, Boomerang Beach Bar are some of the baits of Colva beach to attract travellers from all over the world. And if you want to take a break from your party soul and transform into a romantic one, the oceanic view and starry night will make it happen right away.

[tp_hotels_selections_discount_shortcodes city=”23807″ title=”Hotels in Colva” paginate=true off_title=false type_selections=”popularity” number_results=”20″ subid=”” city_label=”Baga” type_selections_label=”Popularity” link_without_dates=false]

7. Arambol Beach

Famously known as the Hippie’s paradise, Arambol Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa. Also known as the best beach in Goa for nightlife, Arambol beach can give you the perfect musical journey overnight. Although the nightlife in Arambol does not exactly match with the expectations of a party animal, it will make you go into a trance. Here in Arambol, people use to gather around a fire on the beach and sings together. Sometimes drumming and dancing contributes to the mood as well.

Also, in Arambol you can sneak out a perfect romantic night with your loved ones. Starry nights and the sounds of ocean waves crashing will surely make your romantic walk a perfect one.

[tp_hotels_selections_discount_shortcodes city=”1505805″ title=”Hotels in Arambol” paginate=true off_title=false type_selections=”popularity” number_results=”20″ subid=”” city_label=”Baga” type_selections_label=”Popularity” link_without_dates=false]

8. Candolim Beach

Whether you want to rejuvenate your family vacation trip or you want your inner party-goer soul to have a little bit of fun, Candolim beach of Goa will satisfy you in both the ways. Many famous nightclubs and pubs are situated in this location. One of the longest beaches in Goa, Candolim has an exclusive nightlife which is wild and elegant at the same time. Also, you can never miss out the beach shacks.

Club LPK, SinQ Beach club, Congo Beach club are some of the famous nightclubs to have a successful night out plan. Also, Candolim beach is not crowded as other beaches so that you can have a peaceful nightlife too.

[tp_hotels_selections_discount_shortcodes city=”23804″ title=”Hotels in Candolim” paginate=true off_title=false type_selections=”popularity” number_results=”20″ subid=”” city_label=”Baga” type_selections_label=”Popularity” link_without_dates=false]

9. Miramar Beach

Best beach in Goa for nightlife, Miramar Beach has a vibrant and exciting nightlife to enjoy with. It might be little underrated but Miramar beach offers you everything– from music to dance, Miramar is a perfect blend. If you want to dance to the rhythm of the ocean, all you have to do is to form a little beach party of your own on the beach. You can spot many such little groups all over the beach. Apart from that, you can groove to the music of a DJ at any bar near Miramar such as Sea Moon Bar, Club Extreme, Tito’s Pub, Pool Bar, The 9 Bar, Club Westend, etc.

One of the famous DJs, Ryan Pinto in Goa Marriott resort can also hook you up to the trance of dance for a whole night. Apart from that, you can visit Panjim floating casinos to have a little gamble with your life.

[tp_hotels_selections_discount_shortcodes city=”23811″ title=”Hotels in Panjim” paginate=true off_title=false type_selections=”popularity” number_results=”20″ subid=”” city_label=”Baga” type_selections_label=”Popularity” link_without_dates=false]

10. Agonda Beach

Beneath the veil of the holder of a beautiful scenic beach in Goa, Agonda Beach is one best beach in Goa for nightlife. It is a versatile beach. Here, you can swim sunbath, spot a dolphin and grove to the sick beats at the same time. Agonda beach is packed with many nightclubs and bars such as Cleo’s, Cuba Bar, and Leopard Valley, etc. Although Agonda does not count as one of the best nightlife beaches in Goa, it surely has a mixed emotion to offer you with.

[tp_hotels_selections_discount_shortcodes city=”1505787″ title=”Hotels in Agonda” paginate=true off_title=false type_selections=”popularity” number_results=”20″ subid=”” city_label=”Baga” type_selections_label=”Popularity” link_without_dates=false]

11. Dona Paola Beach

Best known for the water sports, the Dona Paola Beach in Goa also qualifies to be one of the best beaches to have an awesome nightlife too. From enjoying nightclubs to get a romantic night out with your loved ones, Dona Paola is always open to experiments. There exist many famous nightclubs at Dona Paola such as Bar Latino, Menino’s Bar and Restaurant, White House Restaurant and Bar, Lobby Bar, Bar Alfonso, etc. Although the nightlife at Dona Paola does not resemble the hippie nightlife, it is still worthy of a shot always.

12. Bogmalo Beach

Another wonderful place to enjoy your holiday with a little nightlife on the addition! It is a great beach to have to nightlife party mood on always. After the sun goes down, the bars and nightclubs at Bogmalo enliven the beach with alcohol, music and dance. Some of the famous clubs of Bogmalo beach are Full Moon Bar and Restaurant, Gazebo, Lobby Label, Sunset Bar, Ruby Bar, etc. You can also enjoy beach shacks too. And to enjoy the lovely sunset before setting the mood for a great night, you must watch out the canopies at Bogmalo beach.

13. Benaulim Beach

Benaulim Beach of Goa will give you the perfect relationship goal with the sea and moon bestowing the beach environment. Along with the tag ‘Best beach in Goa for nightlife’, Benaulim Beach earns the tag of the most romantic beach in Goa as well. There exist many beach shacks and restaurants to make your night lively. Also, you can enjoy your night at a nightclub as well. Some famous pubs and bars of this beach are as follows Jacks Corner, Harry’s Lounge, Luis Bar and Restaurant, Saffron Bar and Restaurant, Fiplees Pub, Adega Cameons Nightclubs, etc.

14. Chapora Beach

If you are yet to experience a different nightlife in Goa, Chapora Beach can always fulfil your desires. Calm and serene, Chapora Beach is famous for quite a nightlife where you can enjoy your whole night at the beach or the beach shacks and restaurants. Almost all the restaurants in here are decorated in palm leaves. You can also visit some cool bars in this region such as Small Taverna, The 9 bar, Disco Valley, Nyan Bar, etc. Feni is a popular drink here.

15. Majorda Beach

Majorda Beach is mostly famous for its luxury stay and daytime activities, but it has a great nightlife on the sidebar too. It is famous for its numerous late-night beach parties and Goan drinks. Also, you can always visit nearest pubs and bars to enjoy your night to the fullest. Some popular bars are as follows Martin’s corner, Monsoon Bar, Poolside Bar, Tea Lounge and Bar, Blue Waves, etc.

There cannot be any one best beach in Goa for nightlife. If you want to dig the hole, several beaches will come up. However, these 15 are best of the lots and can give you some serious life goals in the course of one night or two. Happy Living!